This gel nail kit lets you create the most professional manicures

Whether you’re someone who’s used to always getting a fill-in or a fresh set of clicking acrylic tips, you probably haven’t gone this long without your nails done. Thankfully the Kiara Sky Color Dip Powder Starter Kit is here to help you turn your home office into a beauty salon. Don’t let gel polish scare you away with this set. The dip powder starter kit is free of any kind of UV lamps. The kit includes a bonding polish, a base, seal protect, a top coat, nourish oil, a brush saver, a natural powder, and a clear powder. And, of course, there are three signature color powders in nude, red and gold glitter. this kit doesn’t damage your nails or use the same harsh chemicals that are found in similar nail care products you’d find in a professional salon. Listed as one of Amazon’s Choice products, one shopper said it was “worth the investment”. “I figured I could get my own powder set and do my nails at home so I could avoid the drill that’s making my nails so thin. So far I’ve used it 3 times and I LOVE it! It’s so easy to use and the colors that come in the kit are great”. Another customer of the kit noted that the kit was tricky the first go around, but also said they're saving on frequenting the nail salon. “I started doing my own nails at home to save money and this set has made it, not only easy but, fun. The first round was a learning process, the second looks amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased”