Gee Atherton Teases Comeback With Mysterious Instagram Post

Gee Atherton is probably the closest thing the human race has to a Terminator. Fortunately, he is on our side and prefers mountain biking to taking over the world, but the point remains that he is virtually indestructible. 

Gee had a massive slam in the days leading up to Rampage that left him with another long road to recovery ahead. But, despite the odds, it looks like Gee is closer to being back on a bike than any of us could have expected.

He posted this cryptic photo on Instagram today, which in conjunction with the rehab clips he's been trickling out over the last month, leads me to believe that we are going to see the Gee man back on a bike same as ever this year despite what anyone who saw his crash in October would have expected.

This isn't Gee's first rodeo in terms of injury rehab, in 2021 he almost died while filming Ridgelines III near his home in Wales. In the now infamous clip, you could see Gee's unconscious body tumbling over a hundred feet down an exposed, rocky ridge. 

His crash at last year's Rampage wasn't that bad but it was still pretty tough to watch. Here is a refresher if you need to be reminded what that looked like.

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Why it matters that Gee is doing so well in recovery is that at 38 years of age, many believed this to be the slam that finally ended his storied career. So, seeing him bounce back so well not only bodes well for his own personal longevity but for the continued enjoyment of all of us who love to watch him ride. 

That being said, I think I speak for all of us when I say we do not want to see him get destroyed like this again. It is a tough sell for the longevity of this sport to have guys nearly paralyzing themselves on a biannual basis. 

So, Gee if you're reading this, we love watching you rip more than recover, so keep it up and we look forward to seeing you back on the bike for good this time.

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