These Gear of the Year Award-Winning Headphones Are on Sale at Amazon

sony linkbuds s wireless earbuds
Save 36% on These Top-Rated Sony Earbuds on AmazonPopular Mechanics; Sony

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Labor Day might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't still score some great deals. If you had a packed weekend and couldn't get around to shopping the sales, don't worry—we're always looking for excellent products you can save on. And if you were hoping to snag a good pair of wireless headphones for less, you're in luck because right now, you can save on a top-rated pair of Sony earbuds on Amazon.

The Sony LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds are currently on sale on the mega-retailer for 36 percent off, meaning you can grab the usually $200 earbuds for under $130 right now. Better yet, all three colorways are on sale, so you can choose earth blue, white, or black and get the same savings across the board.

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LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds


When our editors named these earbuds to our Gear of the Year awards last year, they gave them the title of best headphones in the "Play" category. There were a few features that our editors particularly liked about the Sony LinkBuds S, with one of the coolest being their ability to adapt as you need, going between noise cancellation when you want to zone in and ambient sound when you strike up a conversation with a colleague, family member, or fellow traveler. Our editors also appreciated their nice sound quality and their comfortable feel.

Plus, for times when you're in a pinch about to head to the train or out for a walk, you can throw the Sony LinkBuds S on the charger for just five minutes to get an hour's worth of juice. Otherwise, you can expect the buds to give you a runtime of as much as six hours, while the charging case will tack on an additional 20.

If you've been biding your time waiting for a good deal on a new pair of earbuds, now is a great time to add the editor-recommended Sony LinkBuds S to your Amazon cart while they're well under $200.

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