Gay Couple Kicked Out of Car by Rideshare Driver in Perth

A Perth couple claimed they were kicked out of a car, mid-journey, on October 1, by a rideshare driver, for being gay.

Anthony Price said he put his hand on his boyfriend’s leg and his partner leant his head back on Price’s shoulder before being asked to stop the behaviour by the Ola driver.

“Could you tell me what the problem is? Why exactly you can’t take us?” Price says in a video he recorded of his confrontation with the driver. Price continues to say they’re being kicked out of the car “because I had my hand on my partner’s leg, and he told us to stop doing this behaviour.”

The video shows the driver pulling up at a petrol station, near Perth airport, and the couple getting out of the vehicle with their luggage.

“Bye-bye homophobe,” Price says to the driver.

Local media reported the driver was banned by Ola as well as Uber and Didi, following the incident. Credit: Anthony Price via Storyful