Which of Emma Chamberlain's New Coffees Is Your Jam? Here's What We Liked

Maggie Panos

The drive-through cafes of West Hollywood are about to lose a chunk of business, because Emma Chamberlain has four new reasons to brew coffee at home. The megapopular YouTube personality, known for consuming caffeine levels that would be alarming for most any human, parlayed her love for medium roast into her own brand, Chamberlain Coffee, earlier this year. On Sept. 27, the merch queen launched four new blends - Early Bird, Careless Cat, Social Dog, Night Owl - in addition to the very first, Original Family. Why rebrand with new beans? Because the brand's "a whole new b*tch," Chamberlain told us.

Before you rush out and buy one of every bag, find out which might be your cup of tea, er, coffee. Ahead are my first impressions of the brews, which all come in 12-ounce bags ($20 each) and singe-serve steeped bags ($20 per box). (And lest you think product is all Chamberlain Coffee has to offer, check out the website for videos on how to make iced coconut lattes, cold brew milkshakes, and more.)


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