23,000 gardeners gave perfect reviews to this genius garden gadget

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Don't let weeds ruin your gardening or your mood. (Source: iStock)
Don't let weeds ruin your gardening or your mood. (Source: iStock)

Fall is a great time for gardening. The temperatures are more comfortable outside but the soil is still warm and ripe for planting. From fall florals to planting bulbs for future seasons, now is a good time to get some fresh air while beautifying your landscape. Weeds are the main obstacle to a healthy floral bed or garden. They are the bane of a gardener’s existence. No matter how many dandelions you pluck or how much crabgrass you dig up, it always seems to grow back. Though completely replacing the soil or spraying the garden with chemicals might eliminate some weeds, they aren’t the most feasible or safe options.

Thousands of gardeners have found a solution in "Grampa’s Weeder," a brilliantly easy-to-use gardening tool that grabs weeds by the root. A long-time gardener recently shared, “I wish I had this years ago. [...] This weeder did all the work for me.”

Eliminate weeds without wrecking the garden

Grampa's Weeder is a must-have tool for gardeners of all types. (Source: Amazon)
Grampa's Weeder is a must-have tool for gardeners of all types. (Source: Amazon)

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It’s not enough to just remove the top half of a weed. Grampa’s Weeder lets you remove weeds from their roots without destroying the dirt around them. To use the weeder, center its fork-like prongs over the weed so the unwanted plant is between both prongs. Then, shove the weeder into the dirt around the weed until the side lever reaches the ground. Finally, pull the weeder in the direction of the lever. This will cause the two prongs to clamp around the weed’s roots so you can extract it completely.

The weeder’s bamboo handle is almost four feet long, about the same length as most shovels, so you’ll barely need to bend over while weeding your garden. Finally, you can protect your plants and your back at the same time! The original ‘Grampa’s Weeder’ was invented in 1913, but the new model is significantly stronger with a steel claw that can penetrate all types of soil.

One verified purchaser raved about the tool and said: "Grandpa’s Weeder is the best! I have gardened for almost 20 years and hate pulling weeds. I’m getting older now and can not bend down and pull weeds just at ground level and have to do it all over again one week later. This weeder did all the work for me. Amazing, the weeder pulled the whole weed from the roots in a perfect package. No excess dirt to shake out, no left over leaves to pick up. I love it. I did my whole yard and was somewhat disappointed that when I was done in about 30 minutes."

Keep your garden looking its best

Weeds tend to grow back fast, especially if you miss parts of the roots. Next time a patch of oxalis or dandelions pop up in your yard, grab Grampa’s Weeder to quickly take care of the problem without having to break a sweat. Check out this customer-praised tool and find out why it’s Amazon’s No. 1 Best Seller in manual weeders.

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