Garcelle Beauvais And Ex-Hubby Mike Nilon's Divorce Began With A Simple Text

Garcelle Beauvais And Ex-Hubby Mike Nilon's Divorce Began With A Simple Text
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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Garcelle Beauvais quickly established herself as one of the best additions to the iconic reality TV show after making her debut in 2020. The actress and model is a mom of three to 32-year-old son Oliver and 14-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid from her nine-year marriage to talent agent Mike Nilon.

The show's 13th season is about to launch, and with it comes a lot of discussions about marriages (I'm looking at you Dorit and Kyle!). Obviously, this is bound to bring up a lot of questions about the other housewives' partners. So, if you have big Qs about Mike Nilon, you're definitely not alone.

The couple tied the knot in 2001 and were, in the Housewife's words, "sort of like the Hollywood couple."

"Mike was reliable. He was sweet. I really thought this was my last stop," Garcelle said on RHOBH before explaining what led to their divorce.

Here's everything to know about their breakup, and whether Garcelle has found a new man:

In 2010, Garcelle discovered Nilon was cheating on her.

The truth was revealed when she asked, "Hey, Mike, can I use your phone?" one day. "And so I look at the phone, and I see a text that says, 'I love you.' I go, 'Hey, what's this?' And his face changed," Garcelle recalled in her RHOBH confessional, via Bravo. "And he said, 'I've been having an affair.' And I said, 'How long?' And he said, 'Five years.'"

Nilon's cheating scandal soon became a public affair.

"I'm a hothead," Garcelle explained during her first season of RHOBH. "So that night I wrote an email to friends and colleagues at Mike's work, and the subject was, 'What does Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and Mike Nilon have in common?' And that email got leaked to the press."

In the email, per People, Garcelle wrote, "What do they have in common … I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our boys don’t deserve this!"

Watch Garcelle open up about the email leak in this 2015 OWN video:

As for the "other woman," Garcelle said on the reality TV show she didn't know anything about her, including whether her relationship with Nilon continued after she filed for divorce in May 2010.

"I have no idea what happened. I was devastated, so I didn't care what happened to her," she explained. "My priority was taking care of my children, and now I feel like it's my time."

Garcelle has said she and Nilon do a great job of co-parenting.

Though she told Page Six that rehashing her divorce on national television "was very uncomfortable," Garcelle knew she "would have to share [her] life" and "that that would come up" going into the series.

"It’s not a place that you really want to go back to, mentally, when you’ve done so much work to move away from that. Mike and I have done a great job of co-parenting and getting away from that so that the boys benefit," she added to the publication.

Garcelle also told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the RHOBH season 10 premiere, "Mike and I have done such a great job to get to where we co-parent so beautifully that I just hope that doesn't change anything for us. My family is really, really important to me—whether we're married or not, we're still family."

Garcelle is currently single, but has not given up on love.

In December 2019, Garcelle went public with her relationship with screenwriter Michael Elliot, per Bravo, but by February, she confirmed on Instagram that she was single again.

She's since told Bravo's The Daily Dish, "I’m definitely looking for my person. I’m a romantic person. I believe in love, and so I’m looking for the one and I’m hoping, you know, Brad Pitt’s gonna show up one of these days."

Actress Julia Roberts said she'd be her matchmaker.

While talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this summer, Garcelle opened up about what she looks for in a partner these days, post-divorce, per Bravo.

“The perfect guy for me [is] someone who loves life and is full of life, energetic but spiritual, hot but down-to-earth,” she said. “A philanthropist, I would love that, and someone who can make me laugh and let me be me.”

Honestly, sounds pretty good to me, Garcelle!

She doesn't think she wants to get married again.

This, at least, according to an interview Garcelle did with Sherri in 2023. “I don’t need it. I’m not looking to have [more] kids,” she said. “I just want a healthy, happy, sexual relationship.”

Stay tuned for more details on Garcelle's love life as new episodes of RHOBH air this fall.

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