Gamer couple's wedding reception shows their 'never seen before' take on the traditional first dance: 'Such a cute, unique idea'

Traditionally, a bride and groom share their first dance together as newlyweds during their wedding reception. This gamer couple wanted to spice up their wedding with their own take on the tradition.

North Carolina-based wedding photography studio @halifaxhillstudios shared this video of a just-married gamer couple opting for a “first game” during their reception instead of a first dance. The video has received over 116,000 likes and 1.9 million views.

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The gamer couple sits on a couch throughout the clip, playing a PS4 game while their reception guests watch in the background. The two are overjoyed to share this wholesome moment together, widely smiling as they engage in playful competition.

“Fun wedding idea,” @halifaxhillstudios wrote in the caption.

The post received mixed reactions, resulting in Halifax Hill Studios disabling comments. Based on stitched videos of the post, some TikTokers thought the idea was “cute,” while others preferred the traditional first dance.

“In lieu of a first dance together, the couple decided to play a first video game together instead,” according to Halifax Hill Studios’ blog post about the event. “The majority of the guests at this intimate wedding were also gamers, so they gladly watched the two as they played and laughed with each other. I thought this was such a cute, unique idea that I had never seen before!”

The bride and groom, Nicole and Adam, chose the game Rag Doll Kung Fu for their special moment, as they often played it together when they first started dating. Halifax Hill Studios clarified, “Nicole won the first round, but Adam won best two out of three.”

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