Gabrielle Union's Haircare Line Is Back with a 3-Minute Treatment for "Soft and Yummy" Hair

Erin Lukas
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Gabrielle Union felt "anything but flawless" when she first launched her haircare line in 2017.

While she was promoting the collection of products, the actress and best-selling author was simultaneously dealing with hair loss from multiple rounds of IVF.

"It created these bald spots that ultimately connected and looked a bald headband, and there was another spot at the crown of my head," she tells InStyle. "When you’re launching a haircare line that’s all about feeling flawless but you feel anything but flawless and you're trying to pass off extensions as your own hair, you can’t promote the line authentically."

That's why Union humbly hit pause on Flawless, spending three years fixing what she felt went wrong with the line. During this time, she reclaimed ownership of the company, ensuring that moving forward, it would be fully Black-owned and led.

Union's longtime hairstylist and friend Larry Sims is now co-owner of the company, and has help her re-envision Flawless' product offerings and formulations.

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"Through reformulating the products and restructuring the company, we wanted to create a collection of salon-quality products that help restore and regrow your hair with ingredients that aren’t harmful," Union shares. "We also wanted to add in that education you get from somebody with Larry’s experience and expertise."

On top of creating products that cater to the needs of people with textured hair, Union stresses the importance of Flawless being Black-led at all levels, from who's formulating the products to who's doing the brand's marketing and publicity.


"When you're led by Black folks and you center around our needs and voices in our own narrative, it's a dramatic difference," says Union. "Everything is different when people inherently understand and have a respect for the brand that comes from lived experiences. Everyone has skin in the game and that also changes everything. When you give people ownership and they're not just a hired gun, there’s a different pride, commitment, and quite frankly, a greater level of tenacity."

Today, Flawless by Gabrielle Union has officially relaunched exclusively at Amazon. Whether you have curls, waves, coils, braids, or a weave, the collection includes 12 products that cover both wash day and styling needs, and retail in the extremely affordable price range of $4 to $10.

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Gabrielle Union Had Sparkly, Butt-Length Knotless Braids At the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Braids and glitter are always a match made in heaven.

While the entire line will leave your hair flawless, consider the following five products a highlight reel.

3 Minute Restoring Hair Conditioner


Union's favorite product from the line is this uber-hydrating conditioner formulated with Brazilian bacuri butter, plus olive and castor oils. "The 3 Minute Conditioner is everything," she says. "You have to get out of the shower to use a lot of the deep conditioners out there, and this and it adds more time to an already long process. With this product, you get same deep conditioning and hydration that you need, with ingredients that leave your hair soft and yummy."

To buy: $10;

Hydrating Curl Refresher Spray


If you're looking to extend your last wash day even further, this refreshing spray is your solution. It's infused with hydrating fruit and plant oils and extracts to boost curls, coils, and waves. The formula is free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones, and safe to use on color-treated, natural, and relaxed hair.

To buy: $10;

Repairing Deep Conditioning Hair Masque


Quarantine has forced us all to slow down and shift our focus on many things in our lives — including our hair. For anyone who's given their hair a break from chemical processing and heat styling to improve the health of their hair, a nourishing mask treatment will also help repair your strands from the inside out.

"Our Repairing Masque is one thing I love in our product story," says Sims. "It’s a protein mask that repairs and rebuilds the hair at the cuticles from the inside out. If you have damage from over-processing or excessive heat styling, this treatment helps your hair grow stronger, healthier, and shiner."

To buy: $10;

Shine Enhancing Heat Protection Hair Spray


If you are still styling your hair while staying at home, spritz your hair with a heat-protecting spray before you pick up your curling iron or hair straightener. Flawless' heat protectant also boosts shine, thanks to a blend of hydrating ingredients such as rice oil complex, acai palm oil, Brazilian bacuri butter, and coconut oil, to name a few.

To buy: $10;

Scalp Soothing Tonic Hair Treatment


The nozzle tip of Flawless' Scalp Soothing Tonic makes it the ideal treatment for anyone with protective styles such as braids or sew-ins. Together, aloe vera extract, rice oil complex, Brazilian bacuri butter, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil soothe itchiness and remove product buildup to rebalance the scalp.

To buy: $10;

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