Gabrielle Union's Abs Look Super Toned From All Angles Before Her Sweat Sesh

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  • Gabrielle Union, 48, just posted a video of her morning workout wearing a sports bra and shorts set.

  • The actress showed off her entire strong bod, with emphasis on her sculpted abs.

  • Gabrielle's workout routine includes intense strength training, Pilates, and bursts of cardio.

Gabrielle Union, 48, has been hitting the gym hard, and it shows. The L.A.'s Finest star just took a quick moment to talk about working out at the gym, while sharing a little sneak peek of her abs.

“A little work before work,” Gabrielle says in a new Instagram Story video. “Making some gains. Slow and steady wins the race.” Gabrielle shows off her abs from the front and the side in the video, and wowzer. From very angle, her core is seriously toned.

Gabrielle has made it super clear that she’s an athletic person. I mean, hello, she’s even in a Gatorade Zero commercial alongside her husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade. She’s always filming new workouts for her FitOn app with Dwyane, and she shares little snippets of her exercises on Instagram here and there.

Gabrielle loves cardio intervals, telling Women’s Health that she likes to mix up her workouts “so I don’t get anxiety staring at the treadmill.”

She gets super creative to up her heart rate. "Cardio could be jumping jacks, running up my driveway, side shuffles like I used to do in basketball, an elliptical, treadmill, or sled pushes,” she said. But Gabrielle also likes to reach for some “old faithfuls” that she’s done her whole life, like squats and lunges. "They’ve never really failed," she said.

She also throws some strength training in the mix. Gabrielle dropped an intense workout into her Instagram Stories in February that showed her doing multiple strength training moves, including seated dumbbell shoulder presses and resistance machine ab work. She also owned some weighted sumo squats and weighted single leg squats, using a slider under one foot as she extended her leg out laterally.

While Gabrielle is up for trying any exercises, she previously told WH that group classes just aren’t her thing. "I've tried kickboxing, cardio barre, I've tried a SoulCycle class... I'm not a class person," she said.

Slow and steady certainly equals strength for Gabrielle.

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