Gabriel Iglesias Told a Hilarious Story About Meeting His 'Hero' Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Photo credit: The Chosunilbo JNS - Getty Images
Photo credit: The Chosunilbo JNS - Getty Images

From Men's Health

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, a.k.a. Fluffy, recently re-uploaded some clips from one of his 2016 standup sets to YouTube, including the story of the time he became utterly starstruck while meeting his childhood idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I didn't love him as a politician, and I was too young to know him as a bodybuilder," he says. "All I knew was The Terminator was my favorite movie, and he was the Terminator."

"I'm in LA at the red carpet event for some movie that I still haven't seen. I'm standing there with my publicist, and she's explaining to me how the red carpet works." While she was giving him the rundown of how the evening was supposed to go, Iglesias looked around, saw Schwarzenegger, and promptly began to freak out, so his publicist offered to introduce the two of them.

"She takes me by the hand, and she walks me directly to Arnold. I'm freaking out so bad, I look like a big-ass toddler," he says. "We get over to Arnold Schwarzenegger's area, and he's Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's already got a big group of people around him, waiting to take a photo. So I'm just patiently waiting. As I'm watching him, you guys, I got to tell you right now, no-one on this planet is better at meeting people than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the greatest people-meeter I've ever witnessed. And the reason I say this is because when you meet him, he's very engaging. He grabs your hand, he pulls you in, he looks at you in the eyes, and he turns it on. When you meet Arnold, you get exactly what you think you're going to get."

He then launches into what is a pretty decent Schwarzenegger impersonation, before continuing with the story of what exactly happened once he and the Governator came face to face:

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