Gabby Kicks One Guy Out, Sleeps With Another

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Rachel sleeps with two guys in Mexico!

“Fantasy Suites” week went very differently for Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Season 19 of the show has been the first of the franchise to feature two women looking for husbands.

And in week 9, it was time for both to decide if they would spend intimate time behind closed doors with their remaining suitors in Mexico.

As the episode began, Rachel and Gabby discussed how their previous The Bachelor season with Clayton Echard had gone haywire during the fantasy suites show.

Both had three men left vying for their hearts, and Gabby said they had to figure out the sexual part of their relationships.

What happened on Gabby’s "Fantasy Suites" date with Erich?

The ICU nurse and Erich stripped down to swimsuits and dove into the water in Mexico.

Gabby was afraid to take the leap off a higher platform but finally they jumped together.

“We can do lots of hard things together. That’s what I want in my husband,” Gabby told the cameras.

She thanked Erich for being on the show as his dad battled cancer.

“My family is obsessed with you,” he told Gabby as they had met her during the previous hometown episode.

“And I, them,” Gabby gushed.

She confided in Erich that her parents had split up when she was young and her mom had worked two jobs. They later became estranged.

Despite her “messy” family situation, Erich told her, “You turned out so f---ing amazing.”

He added, “I love you, Gabby, and I don’t want to leave here without you.”

“You’re so sweet,” she replied, also telling the cameras she saw a future with the real estate analyst.

They received a card from host Jesse Palmer with a key to the fantasy suite and they decided to take the plunge together again.

The two smooched on the bed and the lights went out!

The morning after, Erich told the cameras that they’d had an incredible night.

But knowing her other guys Johnny and Jason were still in the picture was “incredibly painful,” he said.

How did Aven’s "Fantasy Suites" date with Rachel go?

The cameras then followed Rachel kissing Aven on a boat.

Meanwhile, Tino told Jesse how upset he was thinking about Rachel having an overnight with his competition.

“I certainly don’t need to sleep with anyone else,” Tino said.

Rachel told Aven they had come so far and asked if he could see himself engaged to her in two weeks.

He said yes!

“I am falling in love with you,” Rachel told the sales executive.

When their fantasy suite card and key arrived, Aven said, “Let’s do it.”

The morning after, the two were shown in bed kissing and then Rachel giggled in confessional, “Aven is the full package.”

Did Rachel also share a fantasy suite with Tino?

The pretty flight instructor rode horses and lounged on a blanket atop a cliff with Tino.

They jumped off the cliff to swim and Rachel complained about how his parents didn’t like her during the hometown visit.

Rachel asked Tino if he could move forward without his folks’ approval.

The general contractor said she was his future and his mom and dad were “going to have to get on board with that.”

“I’m in love with you, Rachel,” he declared.

She said, “I love you, too. I really do!”

After dinner, they shared the fantasy suite.

Why did Gabby send Johnny home on The Bachelorette "Fantasy Suites" episode?

The hunky Florida realtor, always a dark horse for Gabby’s heart, enjoyed a romantic boat ride with her.

They shared a picnic on a Mexican beach and Johnny told her, “I’m so into you.”

But he added, “The end result scares me.”

Gabby said she was ready to get engaged, and Johnny replied, “That’s a hard thing to think about.”

Gabby walked away from him to fume to the cameras, “He’s not able to commit.”

After she rejoined Johnny, he admitted he wouldn’t propose during the short time they had left on the show.

“So is this our goodbye?” he asked Gabby, who replied, “I think so.”

Gabby sailed away alone, leaving Johnny to exit the show.

Another Gabby suitor, Jason, admitted to Jesse that he also wasn’t ready to get engaged to her in the remaining two weeks of The Bachelorette.

But Erich had more ardor, leaving a note for Gabby to meet him on a bridge at their resort.

He told her about their earlier encounter, “The night part, I couldn’t imagine it going any better and I’m now sitting here picturing the girl I’m in love with doing that with somebody else. That kind of crushes me. I’m having a really hard time.”

Gabby revealed in confessional that Erich had told her in their fantasy suite that he felt like “I’m cheating and now I feel like we’re rehashing the conversation and I’m being pressured.”

She didn’t like Erich “testing” her and questioned if he was the one.

There was clearly more drama ahead—and part two of the fantasy suites episode airs on Tuesday!