G Herbo’s Proudest Investment? The Home He’s Building From the Ground Up.

Adrianna Freedman
·2 mins read

From Men's Health

At 24 years old, G Herbo is at the top of his game. In between making hits like “Ridin Wit It” and “PTSD,” the rapper and entrepreneur is also making time to invest his money wisely.

“Early on, I always just made sacrifices and not spending big money on things like jewelry,” he says in the latest installment of Men’s Wealth. “Of course I had a lot of fun making money and spending it, but I always made sacrifices to invest back into my career.”

That’s not to say the rapper hasn’t spent his money on a thing or two he now regrets—like a Bentley GT, which he totaled after a late night recording session at Sean Kingston’s house in LA. “It was 5 in the morning, so I was real tired and in a Bentley GT,” he said. “I was actually falling asleep as I was driving and I just wrecked, hit the Bentley on the curb. That was one time where I was like, ‘Yeah, I messed up.’”

There is one financial investment he’s particularly proud of: His new home, which he’s building from the ground up.

“I’m creating a home environment for myself,” he says. “I’m real proud of myself for that.”

Speaking of building his own house, the rapper is also adamant about the concept of taking ownership of his wealth. By controlling where his money goes, he says he's allowing himself to create his own artistic vision.

“Wealth and ownership is extremely important because you’re able to live out your vision how you see it,” he says. “No one is really going to see your vision or believe in your art the way that you believe in it yourself… It’s not always about ‘Oh, I just want to get every dollar.’ It’s about letting me make sure that I’m creating an empire or the vision and making sure it happens a certain way.”

As for how G Herbo plans on securing his (and his family’s) future? Saving. “I plan for the future by making sure my son is okay,” he said. “Creating savings accounts, all the stuff where he’s set up for the rest of his life… it’s just about making smart investments and saving. It’s okay to have fun, but I believe in saving and spending at the same time.”

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