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Future fashion trend? Depop girlie tries to turn empty Bonne Maman jam jars into $25 accessory

A Twitter user shared the revelation that a Depop seller — affectionately known on the internet as “Depop girlies” — had turned an empty mini Bonne Maman jam jar into a belt accessory.

Depop user @dewdropdoobie has multiple listings involving empty mini Bonne Maman jam jars on their page. The first, which was shared on Twitter, is of the jar hanging off the end of a chain waist belt for $25.

“Perfect for herb, shrooms, n crystals,” the post reads. “Doubles as a necklace!”

For $15, @dewdropdoobie shared an alternate look in which the jam jar hangs off of a keychain attached to one of her belt loops.

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The look is categorized as “Cottage, Fairy” and under the “Reworked/Upcycled” tag as well. Some of the hashtags @dewdropdoobie included on the post also mentioned that the accessory was ideal for music festivals or raves.

Fortunately, multiple people in the Twitter replies seemed to have access to a number of empty tiny Bonne Maman jars — due to the brand’s popular advent calendar — so they could participate in the trend should it take off from Depop.

“You could carry a little snack in there for later,” one user joked.

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