Funny Song 'Playing in a Dog's Head' Nonstop Is All Too Relatable

We will probably never understand how TikTok user and musician @puppysongs knows exactly what is going on in our dog's heads. First we had the Cheese Tax, which all of us dog owners could totally relate to, and now we have the new jam "I'm Following Mom" which is our liiiiiiiiife.

You'll be singing this all day. I mean, come on, how many times have you just been walking to the bathroom and yup, right behind you like some furry little stalker, is your dog, because yeah, they follow us EVERYWHERE. Doing laundry! Walking to the kitchen! Carrying laundry to another room! Peeing again! Emptying the dishwasher! Simply crossing the room to look out the window. There are our dogs, I'M FOLLOWING MAHMMMMMM ALL AROUND THE HOUSE.

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It's just so true. TikTok users are finding this all too relatable and @Bestfriends comments, "Makes me feel like the favorite (for a brief moment)! Awesome song." @Nicki adds, "I too have a Velcro dog. If you can’t find me, look for the door dog is laying outside of. That’s where I am." @Ren hilariously says, "Babe wake up puppy songs dropped a new tune that’ll be stuck in our heads for a week!" True facts. @Valentine replies, "Pretty sure I now have a song to sing at the dogs for every action. Wonder if they are confused why I started only communicating in song." @Holly adds, "This could bump Cheese Tax out of its #1 position on the charts." Haha!

If you just need more Puppy Songs, and who doesn't?! You can add their songs on Spotify! We can't wait to hear what hit drops next!

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