These Funny Masks Will Make Everyone Smile

As the days of wearing face masks in public drag on, with no end in sight, we could all use some comedic relief. Of course, there’s nothing funny about the necessity of wearing masks: They’re one of the most effective tools we have for slowing the spread of COVID-19. But finding a funny face mask can help things feel a little less dystopian.

If you’ve held off on buying a reusable mask because you figured you wouldn’t need one for long (remember wishful thinking?) or find yourself smiling at people in public before remembering they can’t see your mouth, consider one of these hilariously on-the-nose masks. Funny slogans aside, all of these masks are made of multiple layers of fabric, cover the nose and mouth, and secure to the head via ear loops or ties. The best ones have spots for filters, as well as metal nose pieces, which allow users to bend and contour the mask to their face and eliminate gaps, aka germ escape holes. Just remember the people staring at you are probably smiling under their masks.

Funny Face Masks for Adults

Bob Ross Mask

Who doesn't need a Bob Ross mask? He has just the calming energy we need right now.

BUY NOW $13.00

Baby Yoda Mask

Remind onlookers to keep their distance with the adorable baby Yoda.

BUY NOW $12.00

Funny Mouth Mask

Remind people what you look like underneath the mask with this smiling mouth mask. Other options include a kissy face and a smile full of braces.

BUY NOW $14.50

Cigar Mouth Mask

Make everyone do a double-take with this cigar-smoking, bearded tough guy mask.

BUY NOW $13.00

Dad Joke Loading Mask

Nobody can say they weren't warned.

BUY NOW $8.00

Can't Touch This Mask

The classic MC Hammer song takes on a whole new meaning these days. This Snapfish mask is technically custom-made: You can change the font, write your own slogan, or upload images. It comes in two sizes, small and large, which cost $19.99 and $21.99, respectively.

BUY NOW $22.00

Anthony Fauci Pop Art Face Mask by Look Human

Show homage to everyone's favorite infectious disease specialist with this Andy Warhol inspired pop art mask. It features a microfiber lining, is machine-washable, and can be worn alone or over a surgical mask.

BUY NOW $19.00

Custom X-Ray Mask by Snapfish

Another custom Snapfish mask, this template features a smiling mouth X-ray. The mask has an outer layer of polyester and an inner cotton layer and a spot for a filter, and it comes with a starter pack of two filters.

BUY NOW $22.00

Funny Face Masks for Kids

Kids Animal Mask

These adorable 3-D animal masks bring those silly Instagram animal filters to life. They're made of three layers of fabric, have adjustable ear loops, and come with two filters. Reviewers say they fit kids aged 2 to 10.

BUY NOW $10.00

Shark Mask and Shirt Set

If your kid loves everything under the sea, they'll love this mask and shirt set which lets them moonlight as a friendly shark. The mask is two-ply, with room for a filter, and fits kids ages 4–8.

BUY NOW $10.00

Charlie Brown Mask

The entirety of 2020 could probably be summed up with Charlie Brown's favorite expression. This mask comes in two sizes, is made of seven layers, and is machine-washable.

BUY NOW $17.00

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