Funny Cat Begs for Mom's Coffee After Getting a Tiny Taste

It's even better than catnip.

The official motto of cats everywhere is "If my owner is drinking it, I am getting it." Okay, so that's not as catchy as the other cat motto, which is "If I fits, I sits" but anyone with a cat can tell you they love nothing more (Besides throwing up on the sofa and losing their toys under the refrigerator) as sampling their owner's beverages. It doesn't matter if it's tea, water, or MadDog 20/20.

Just take as an example the cat in the clip that Dixie Ducote uploaded to PetHelpful. This cat is most of us on any given morning when enjoying our first cup of coffee.

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We all know that coffee contains caffeine (Mmmm... delicious, delicious caffeine), which is a stimulant that can be harmful to cats in large amounts. Even a small amount of caffeine can cause cats to experience symptoms such as restlessness, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, muscle tremors, and seizures.

This kitty barely even got a tiny kitten-sized sip, and judging from the color of the cup of Joe, it was filled with a lot of creamer (No judgement here! Creamer or half-and-half is delightful!) so we doubt the owner even noticed any effects whatsoever. But for those of you sharing a S-Bux Trenta Cold Brew with your feline friend, you may wish to rethink your beverage choices.

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