These Are the Funniest Tweets About 'Hamilton' on Disney+

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Photo credit: Disney


Remember Broadway? Remember going to see plays and sitting among other theater-loving people? Broadway is closed until at least January 2021, so it's going to be a while before we can all experience a live show again. On Friday at midnight PDT/3 a.m. EDT, Disney+ released a June 2016 recording of the Tony Award-winning musical. After years of fans clamoring to find tickets, it's finally available to the public. The musical came to the streaming platform more than a year before its original October 2021 release date, when it was expected to come to theaters.

This Fourth of July weekend, people all over the U.S. are watching the musical from their homes—where we can all safely social distance from COVID-19. And because the best place for social connection right now is the internet, Hamilton fans are tweeting all their thoughts about the most exciting thing that has happened since March.

"You will just have it. For as many times as you like, right next to A Goofy Movie and Talespin and An Extremely Goofy Movie...," Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show's creator, tweeted on June 22.

The bathroom-break intermission rush is real (it's not as much fun is you hit "pause")

You're right, Lin-Manual Miranda. Total Dad move

When the Hamilton creator's kid relates to King George

Enough said

Team Eliza

Those post-song emotions

So much excitement for all the Hamilton first-timers

If, while you are watching this musical unfold, you are coming up with all kinds of nerdy technical questions about the production, Miranda might already have your answers. During a Good Morning America interview, he revealed that the recording in 2016 took place over the course of three days.

"So it was basically a three-day film shoot with the best-rehearsed cast in the history of the movies because we'd all been doing the show for a year at this point," he said.

And if you are obsessing over Hamilton this weekend, you might want to take the time to support the people who make theater happen but are out of work because of COVID-19.

You can donate to the Actors Fund here.

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