Funniest Bad TripAdvisor Reviews of U.S. National Parks

The U.S. National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary next year. As we get closer to the big birthday, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to pay sincere tribute to these 58 wondrous monuments to America’s stunning natural beauty. 

But not now. Today, we’re focusing on the national park haters.

While many of the 292 million people who visited U.S. National Parks last year enjoyed the experience, plenty did not, and they aired their grievances on TripAdvisor. Some of their complaints were legit: long lines, rude crowds, paltry services, etc. But other complaints were, shall we say, a tad nitpicky — and often hilarious.

So as U.S. National Parks get set to turn 100, we’re kicking off the centennial celebrations with a gentle roast of our nation’s parks. Here are our favorite bad TripAdvisor reviews of the Top 20 most-visited national parks: