There’s a New Funfetti Product and It’s Only Available for the Holidays

Add to the mischievousness this season.



When you’re looking to sprinkle an extra dose of joy in baked goods, little bursts of rainbow-colored sprinkles will get the job done. Pillsbury’s Funfetti products have always helped home bakers in that pursuit with mixes and frostings that deliver colorful treats that bring a smile to your face.

Now, Funfetti has partnered with another familiar brand to create a new product that will give a double dose of serotonin and mischievousness to the holiday season. Pillsbury is releasing Funfetti The Elf on the Shelf Cookie Mixes just in time for holiday baking.

Funfetti typically releases seasonal products, including Winter Blue Cake Mix and frosting, and winter holiday brownie and cake mixes and frostings with green, red, and white sprinkles. This year marks the debut of The Elf on the Shelf mixes.

Funfetti Partners With The Elf on the Shelf To Create Brand New Funfetti Mixes



There are three new products available this holiday season, and they’re all cookie mixes. The Elf on the Shelf mixes are:

  • Sugar Cookie Mix with Candy Bits

  • Hot Cocoa Cookie Mix

  • Sugar Cookie Mix with Peppermint Candy Cane Sprinkles

The sugar cookie mix is speckled with green and red sprinkles and the peppermint sugar cookies are studded with peppermint-flavored candy cane sprinkles. Finally, the hot cocoa cookies have red sprinkles and are studded with marshmallow candies. All of the cookies are perfect for sharing with friends and family and dunking into a mug of actual hot cocoa.

Dan Anglemyer, the Chief Operating Officer of Hometown Food Company (the company behind Pillsbury Funfetti) said, “Knowing cookie mix sales spike across November and December, as families come together to celebrate the holidays, it was only natural to combine the enchantment of everyone’s favorite mischievous Scout Elf with the delightful taste and fun of Funfetti. These limited-edition holiday cookie mixes promise to bring a magical mix of flavors and festivity to create memorable moments for the whole family in the kitchen!”

But beware: If you have a family with little ones, your very own Scout Elf may find the cookie mixes (and the baked cookies themselves) irresistible and find itself in a spot of trouble, as many Scout Elves are wont to do.

The new mixes are available at Walmart, in-store and online, as well as nationwide at grocery stores. The mixes will retail for $2.50 to $5.00 per box, with each box yielding 30-34 cookies. Be sure to snag them when you see them—as we’ve seen with some of our other favorite Pillsbury goodies, seasonal items sell out fast.

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