60 Fun and Fabulous Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls!

Picky? No problem—she'll love these options.

Children can be some of the toughest people to shop for. After all, there are only so many toys a child can have. But that being said, girls become infinitely more fun to shop for by the time they turn six. Since they are either just finishing kindergarten or starting first grade, kids this age are starting to figure out their individual hobbies and interests, so you can really look for products that cater to their specific likes—and, just as importantly, avoid their dislikes. And we're here to help with the best 50 gifts for 6-year-old girls!

To help you on your quest to buy the perfect gift for the six-year-old girl in your life, we’ve put together a list of some of the best, most age-appropriate products out there right now. Whether your first grader likes science, music or art, she’s sure to light up when she receives any one of these amazing gifts. Board games, experiment kits and coloring books can all be great tools that will be fun but also get their brains involved. Interactive toys, dress-up supplies and games that she can share with her friends will make any little girl happy.

Take a look below for ideas that will make your gift stand out from all the rest.

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50 Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls

MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set, $44.99, Amazon

If your child developed a love for cooking recently, this kid-safe cooking set is a no-brainer. It’s a good thing for all kids to learn that cooking is a life skill we should all have, and what better way to start than with this one created by MasterChef? It’s never too early to lean into your passions.

Learn & Climb 21 Science Experiments for Kids, $19.99, Amazon

If your kid needs various stimulating activities, consider getting a science kit. These experiments will keep your kid entertained for hours while also helping them learn and pulling them away from their screens for a fair amount of time. Everybody wins!

Mickey Mouse and Friends Portable Art Set, $27.94, Amazon

For the young artist in your family, this portable art set includes markers, colored pencils, coloring books and more, in a handy carrying case that’s perfect for their spontaneous moments of creative inspiration.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Mic, $22.95, Amazon

If you’ve got a kid who loves to sing and dance, getting them a wireless karaoke microphone is a natural next step for your future recording artist. You can connect your Bluetooth device to the microphone and play any song of your choosing. Parents might be a little annoyed after they hear the same song being played for the ninth time in a row, but it’s the kid’s happiness that matters.

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Jumbo Slime Kit, $24.95, Amazon

Slime never goes out of style. This safe and non-toxic kit includes everything you need for your kid to make squishy and unique slime. Not only that, it’s sure to keep the kids busy for hours on end.

Rainforest Jungle 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, $19.99, Amazon

While toys are the go-to choice for gifts for kids, giving them something that is both entertaining and mentally stimulating is the key to them having balance. This rainforest jigsaw puzzle will also be a good learning experience as they can pinpoint each animal they find once the piece is completed. This also allows for some much-needed bonding time for the whole family.

Walkie Talkies, $24.99, Amazon

These kids walkie talkies have a call alert function, crisp sound quality with adjustable volume levels and they are perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. Stay connected with your kids no matter where they are in the house, and encourage them to come up with a fun outside game that you and their friends can join in on with these walkie-talkies.

Robo Pets Unicorn, $39.99, Amazon

Getting kids a pet without their parent’s approval is a huge no-no. This Robot Pets unicorn toy is a fun remote control toy robot that neighs, sits, prances, dances to the beat performs tricks, and walks around the room. It’s a great companion toy for kids and will ease their desire to have a pet for a little while longer.

Monobeach Princess Tent, $38.95, Amazon

Every princess deserves her own castle. This beautiful and remarkable princess house can help your little princess dreams come true. What kid doesn't like having a little space of their own? This cute fairy house tent will provide a place for your kids to escape and entertain themselves, while they unwind, read and relax. This tent can fit up to three kids at once and is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor playtime.

TEMI Bow and Arrow Set for Kids, $20.99, Amazon

Help the little girl in your life get her Katniss Everdeen on with this bow and arrow toy set. The archery set will quickly become her go-to outdoor toy, and its LED lights make you track the arrows in the nighttime. This will help any child with their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and help strengthen their aims.

Ayabay 2-Piece Pop It Fidget, $10.99, Walmart

This pop bubble fidget novelty toy is a great sensory tool to relieve any stress or keep your hands busy. It provides great sensory interaction and can help exercise children's mathematical and logical thinking. It is super portable and can be fun to carry with them anywhere they go. It’s a great gift for adults and children who need some help reducing stress.

Gem Art, Kids Diamond Painting Kit, $14.99, Amazon

This Gem Art painting kit comes with 3000+ gems in eight different colors, five large suncatchers, five keychains, six hologram stickers, a wax strip, a stylus, fix suction cups and more. This is sure to catch the eye of any little girl who loves bold colors and having her hands busy doing arts and crafts. They can decorate their own suncatchers, keychains, and hologram stickers they can keep for themselves or give to their friends.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit, $14.99, Amazon

Toys have evolved a lot in recent years, giving kids more options to play with than dolls or cars. Fun and educational toys have taken precedence and this flower growing kit checks all the boxes. This kit teaches them the life cycle of plants and botany while encouraging them to be creative. This kit comes with a tin planter, a plastic liner, soil, three seed packets, a six-color paint strip, two paintbrushes, a paint palette, two wooden plant markers, a shovel, a watering bottle and instructions. This will surely keep them busy.

Litti Pritti Princess Toy Little Girls Purses, $26.99, Amazon

There’s nothing a little girl loves more than playing with her mom’s belongings. Whether it’s her makeup, phone, purse or anything else in her bag, giving her this stylish toy purse with everything a little one needs to feel just like her mom. It comes with a wallet, cellphone, lipstick, face powder, keys, car key, ID card, money and three credit cards. How cute is that?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit, $29.99, Amazon

The National Geographic STEM series provides kids with high-quality educational toys that are a whole lot of fun. This Earth science lab kit allows kids to conduct more than 15 experiments and is great to share with family, friends, or classmates. Set them up for success by having them appreciate a variety of Earth sciences early on.

Connect 4 Board Game, $9.88, Walmart

Remember playing the classic Connect 4 when you were a kid? This board game makes for an exciting indoor activity for kids ages and adults and it’s a perfect game for parties, game nights, or as a break from virtual learning. This is a perfect way to introduce kids to the kind of timeless game that brought out the most competitive and strategic side of you when you were a kid.

JoJo Siwa J-Team Singing JoJo Doll, $26.98, Walmart

The JoJo Siwa empire just keeps on growing. Gift this J-Team Singing JoJo Doll to your favorite JoJo fan. The doll stands 10 inches tall and comes dressed in a look inspired by her movie The J-Team. The toy also comes with a red microphone accessory and hairbrush that your kids can use to help style and comb JoJo's hair.

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Just Play JoJo Siwa, JoJo’s D.R.E.A.M. Car, $24.99, Walmart

This gift is perfect for the little JoJo Siwa fans in your life. If you aren’t sure if they like the singer or not, skip this gift. But for those die-hard JoJo fans, this toy car is inspired by the singer’s real-life custom convertible and fits two of her 10-inch dolls (sold separately.)

Operation Board Game, $15.97, Walmart

Operation is one of those games that never go out of style. It challenges kids to play the doctor by performing surgery to remove the patient’s ailments but doing their best to avoid the buzz. This game tests players’ physical skills as well as their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills—and it will keep the laughs flowing and their nerves on edge!

Rock Painting Kit for Kids, $15.99, Amazon

Giving a child an activity rather than a toy is sometimes a much better option. This deluxe rock painting kit will bring so much joy to any child. They will be able to decorate their rocks with paints, googly eyes, gems, stickers and much more. The best part? They will have a creation they made that they're proud of in the end.

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls, $6.99, Amazon

This coloring book is all about building a girl's confidence, imagination, and spirit. There are more than 22 pages to color with black-and-white line drawings to help them explore concepts like bravery, beauty, strength, creativity, independence and more. This is an uplifting, educational and fun gift for any girl who enjoys expressing themselves creatively, while this coloring book can help combat stereotypes and positively impact girls' interest in things like science.

Move2Play Bluetooth Kids Karaoke Microphone, $29.99, Amazon

Be the hit at any party by bringing this Move2Play Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone as your gift. The microphone comes with 30 songs by artists like Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye. If they’re not into the classic throwbacks, the Bluetooth connection also lets kids sing along to any song of their choosing by connecting to their favorite music apps like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. Parents might not be too happy with the stereo acoustic speakers that provide high volume and great quality sound, but the kids are sure to enjoy it. They can also change their voice with four different effects, and the rechargeable batteries mean they’ll be having endless singing and fun.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink, $23.14, Amazon

Get the young artist in your life this Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad so they can explore their creative minds. The pad comes with special pencils, colored pencils and tracing sheets, and the pad has an evenly lit surface that makes tracing lines easy to see. These are perfect to keep them busy during long car or plane rides, and the light makes them perfect to use inside pillow forts or camping tents. Help them tap into their inner artist with this toy they’ll be happy to carry around and come up with their best artwork.

TUSEASY Piggy Bank, $23.14, Amazon

It's never too early to teach kids about financial literacy. OK, maybe that's taking it too far. But teaching them about saving money is a good first step. This educational and fun ATM Machine is hands-on and kids can easily insert the paper money into the slot on top of the electronic piggy bank, and it rolls into the slot machine automatically. Children can also create a secret password that will teach them how to protect their belongings while learning all about money-saving.

Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids, $34.99, Amazon

These days, it's all about keeping kids busy. It's not enough for them to plop down in front of the television and stare at the screen for countless hours. Around age six, kids need experiments and activities that are more involved and something they can actually learn from while also getting their hands dirty—or clean in this case. This Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit will give them something to do for hours, and they’ll be making their own soaps, bath bombs, salt scrubs and fizzy bath salts, that they can then use during bath time. That sounds like the perfect start to a full-on girls-only spa day.

MINIBEAR Instant Digital Camera, $59.99, Amazon

Give your kids the magic of learning the art of photography way before they join Instagram or TikTok. This MINIBEAR Instant Digital Camera for Kids has dual cameras, and it’s selfie-supporting. The front and rear are both 40 megapixels and it comes with 8X digital zoom zoom in to take better photos. The camera comes with 20 photo frames, records videos, comes with three print paper rolls for up to 180 pictures and can print photos on the spot.

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set, $13, Amazon

Put their little hands to work with this adorable Disney Princess necklace activity set. Your little ones and their friends can have fun creating princess necklaces, and the set makes five necklaces. They can mix and match to create their own princess jewelry with colorful beads to fit their style, by using silicone necklaces, beads and fun character charms.

Craft-Tastic “I Love Unicorns” Craft Kit, $17.50, Walmart

It’s nearly impossible to find a six-year-old girl who doesn’t love unicorns, so an “I Love Unicorns” set of crafts would be a very suitable gift. The kit comes with six projects ideal for small hands: Sew a simple unicorn stuffie, make a colorful garland and magical necklace, craft a pom-pom rainbow, and create a horn and tail for imaginative play.

Hey Clay Animals, $19.95, Fat Brain Toys

This kit comes with 18 bins of soft, colorful modeling clay designed to create beloved barnyard animals. Download the Hey Clay app to get step-by-step instructions on how to form each body part of the animals, all of which are visually laid out and easy for young children to understand.

Glow-in-the-Dark Doodle Pillowcase, $18.67, Etsy

This interactive pillowcase has earned rave reviews from over 700 people on Etsy—and it's easy to see why. Kids can use the luminescent ink pen to create glow-in-the-dark doodles on their pillow; the ink fades after 5-10 minutes, leaving behind a clean canvas to create a whole new masterpiece.

Science of Cooking: Ice Cream, $34.95, KiwiCo

Science becomes a whole lot cooler when it involves ice cream. This kitchen chemistry set comes with experiments that teach about the science behind ice crystals and freezing, how air is one of the most important ingredients in ice cream, and how stabilizers help keep dessert delicious—plus recipes to customize your ice cream with delicious flavors.

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Where's Waldo?: Deluxe Edition, $13.93, Walmart

You probably remember reading Where’s Waldo books when you were young, and we’re happy to report the series has not gone out of style. This 25th-anniversary edition features the busy, detail-packed illustrations we all know and love, and any six-year-old is sure to get lost in the pages on a rainy afternoon.

National Geographic Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run, $24.98, Walmart

This 50-piece kit includes construction pieces, marbles, a UV light keychain, a storage bag and construction experiments to help you create epic marble runs. To make things even more fun, the glow-in-the-dark glass marbles will create streaks of light as they zig-zag down the runs.

Novashion Telescope for Kids, $36.99, Walmart

Encourage your six-year-old’s curiosity for science with this lightweight telescope, complete with two eyepieces, a tripod and 90x magnification—perfect for looking at the stars in space or at wildlife here on earth.

Brain Quest: Grade 1, $10.49, Amazon

This set of Brain Quest Q&A cards is specifically designed for 1st graders, covering topics like counting, spelling, and vocabulary. And with a total of 750 questions and answers, this flip book will make your next hours-long road trip a lot more entertaining.

Creativity for Kids Rainbow Sandland, $15.30, Amazon

Sand art is a classic craft, and this kit updates it by adding rainbows and unicorns. Layer the vibrant colors of sand and glitter, use the design tool to create lines and patterns, then add magical stickers and figurines to make your final craft a display-worthy creation.

Story Time Chess, $39.99, Amazon

Story Time Chess is an award-winning board game that teaches chess to kids using silly stories, illustrations, and custom board and chess pieces. It doubles as a regular chess board (so adults can certainly participate), but the game's real value lies in its ability to introduce youngsters to the world of chess.

Thames & Kosmos Groovy Glowing Candy Lab, $19.95, Amazon

Learn about chemistry, electromagnetic waves and the physics of light—all while making yummy glow-in-the-dark candy. Whether you mold glowing gummies into peace signs or grow a batch of crystal rock candy, this kit is a delicious way to learn some basics of science.

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Crayola Imagination Art Set, $22.97, Walmart

This art set from Crayola comes with a whopping 115 pieces: 15 colored pencils, 14 thick markers, 14 skinny markers, 56 crayons, 15 paper sheets, and 3 texture plates, plus a technique guide and portable case for keeping everything tidy and organized.

Retrospec Quip Cruiser Skateboard, $33.99, Retrospec

If the thought of putting your six-year-old on a skateboard is terrifying, you probably haven’t ever used a Retrospec Quip skateboard. This is an awesome starter board for kids: It’s wide enough for easy balance, has soft wheels for smooth rides, and comes in a small size and variety of colors.

Coral Reef Crystal Growing Kit, $20, Uncommon Goods

This kit comes with paper cutouts of a volcano and coral reef pieces; after adding water to the base, you can watch the cutouts sprout vibrant crystals in real-time over the course of a few hours. It’s definitely one of the coolest, most colorful ways to learn about chemical reactions.

Asweet Cactus-Print Play Tent, $51.99, Wayfair

Whether you’re looking to decorate a children’s bedroom or common play area, this adorable play tent will liven up any space. Modeled after traditional teepees and covered with a fun cactus print, kids will love hiding out here with a good book for a few hours.

Globber Foldable Flow 125 Scooter, $119.99, Nordstrom

This lightweight scooter folds up neatly for storage or transport, but kids will only care about how cool it looks. (Don’t worry, it’s extremely safe, too.) Choose from navy blue, pink, black or red to match up with your kid’s burgeoning sense of style.

Melissa & Doug 41-Piece Restaurant Play Set, $37.99, Nordstrom

Recreate a classic diner with this 41-piece play set, complete with wooden food pieces, a frying pan, coffee pot, apron, and dry-erase check and pen for adding up the (pretend) bill. There's even play money and a functional call bell to round out the complete diner experience.

HABA Doorway Theater, $59.99, Nordstrom

Set the stage for a budding imagination—and flair for the dramatic—with this makeshift puppet theater. Simply hang the theater in the doorway, put the title of the show in the marquee inset, pull back the curtains and let the show begin.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Headphones, $14.99, Amazon

By the time they turn six, kids have developed a love for music—and they probably even have a favorite playlist or two. These volume-limiting Bluetooth headphones provide up to four hours of wire-free listening power, and the adjustable headband and vivid color choices make them even more of a hit with young audiophiles.

Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Gloss Kit, $20, Uncommon Goods

This 100% organic lip gloss kit includes everything you need to create your own luxurious glosses, including six tubes, oils and glycerin, natural flavors, measuring spoons, and wrapping cloth for gifting. Easy, step-by-step instructions are included, and pre-measured ingredients make for a quick and easy project the whole family can enjoy.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book-Making Kit, $30, Uncommon Goods

Girls with a passion for writing will love this book-making kit, which comes with a blank cover page, 20 blank storybook sheets, 10 markers, and a guidebook with tips and prompts. Simply fill out the pages with your original story, then mail them in the pre-addressed envelope. The hardcover book will arrive back a few weeks later, bound and printed on real book paper.

LEGO Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission, $77.99, Walmart

Kids love LEGOs and kids love animals, so this dolphin rescue mission set is definitely a safe bet. Complete with 363 pieces, the kit lets kids build a submarine and free a stricken dolphin from a shipwreck, then use a pirate's map to find a hidden treasure chest filled with gems.

Juno My Baby Elephant, $142.99, Walmart

First graders still love stuffed animals, but this interactive elephant has enough bells and whistles to keep them interested for years to come. The toy has a moving trunk and more than 150 sound and action effects, so the elephant can eat peanuts, interact with the toy mouse, or make trumpet noises (among other things) just like it would in real life.

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