Full Moon Rituals & Spells: 8 Ways to Harness the Magic & Use it to Your Benefit

Full Moon Rituals & Spells: 8 Ways to Harness the Magic & Use it to Your Benefit
Full Moon Rituals & Spells: 8 Ways to Harness the Magic & Use it to Your Benefit

The full moon is always an incredibly potent time for magic, divination and spiritual practices of all kinds. Take advantage of Luna’s culminating energy by performing any of these easy full moon spells and rituals. You don’t need expensive tools or accessories in order to make your ritual a powerful one. In fact, it’s often the simplest rituals that invite the most love and abundance into your life.

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Every month, we are influenced by all eight phases of the moon. While new moons are a time to set anintention and embrace a new beginning, full moons mark a time of endings, release and renewal. Taking place around every 28–30 days, a full moon always arrives in the sign sitting opposite from the sun sign (ex: during Pisces season we have a Virgo full moon). When a full moon arrives, we can expect to feel the sensation  of spiritual “shedding” or rather, the clearing-out process that allows you to release old friends, thought patterns, habits, responsibilities, clutter and more. Because full moons are the most illuminated phase of the moon, its celestial glow literally “sheds light” on whatever (or whoever) is no longer aligned with your future, giving you the opportunity to see things more clearly.

Because full moons represent a time of endings, your rituals are best suited to amplify this energy and encourage a sense of surrender, release and letting go with grace. It can sometimes be uncomfortable to sit with the pause that happens on a full moon; as humans we naturally want to fill empty spaces, so it’s best that you use a full moon to get comfortable in the void space by reflecting on all that you have accomplished and moved through over the last lunar cycle.

8 Easy Full Moon Rituals

Harness the magic that full moons bring by engaging in the following full moon rituals:

Take a full moon bath

Under the full moon, you’ll want to first prepare by cleansing the mind. It’s also believed that epsom salt soaks in the tub can clear your energy field or aura, so this is a great ritual to add into your day. While you are soaking in the tub, put on binaural beats, frequency sounds, a guided meditation or any audio that helps you to relax. You can also add to your experience by lighting candles or incense and adding some of your favorite essential oils or dried flower petals into the tub!

Clean & organize your home

Full moons ask us to cleanse our internal and external environments of any clutter. When cleaning your home, try to remember certain energy centers like clearing out the space around your front door to allow abundance to travel more effortlessly into your home or deep cleaning the oven to amplify prosperity for the lunar cycle ahead. Washing the bathroom, the floors and windows, cleaning out your closets and junk drawers, reorganizing and everything in between are great ways to use the full moon energy. If you have an altar, this is a beautiful time to clean it up and adorn it with fresh offerings for your spirit guides, deities and/or ancestors.

Perform a releasing ceremony

Under the full moon, spend time alone with your journal to write down all that you are ready to release. Once this list is complete, fold it several times and then find a fire-safe bowl (glass, iron and ceramic) to place your list in. Safely light the edge of your list on fire and watch as all of the things that have been weighing you down start to burn away. After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside or flush them down the toilet and (again) say “I release what no longer serves me with love” and allow yourself to leave it behind you.

Place your crystals in the moonlight

Putting out some of your favorite crystals or objects of importance on a window sill or balcony is a great way to savor the full moon’s shedding energy. However, you will want to make sure that the full moon is not happening during eclipse season. In my professional opinion, eclipse energy is much too chaotic and powerful to keep around! Additionally, you can leave a glass jar or spray bottle full of water in the moonlight as well to have moon water that you can use throughout the lunar cycle ahead any time you need an extra dose of shedding, clearing or releasing.

Visualization meditation

One of my favorite parts of my full moon ritual is a “future-self” visualization meditation. Get yourself into a safe and comfortable position (either seated or laying down). You can add an eye mask or eye pillow, light candles or incense and put on your favorite music to make the experience more restful. During this visualization meditation, imagine your dream life as if it were already here; see it in your mind with the utmost detail, noticing the sounds, smells, textures and company around you. Where are you living? How has your life changed? How does it feel? Once you’re done with your meditation, take time to reflect by either sitting with what you just experienced or write about it! This is a great way to manifest your dream life, as your manifestation will be amplified by the energy of the full moon.

Cleanse your home & bring in new energy

Cleansing your energy space and living space with sacred smoke is a great way to celebrate the full moon. Using sustainably harvested sage or palo santo is a great way to do this, but you can also use herbs like cedar, mugwort, lavender, sweetgrass, and more. You can also use resins and incenses. While cleansing, make sure you start from the back of your home or room and then go to each corner of your space with an energy that you would like to bring into your newly cleansed home. Calling forth the energy of love, abundance, health, prosperity, joy, peace or anything else that feels aligned for you is best.

Tie up loose ends & relax

Because full moons are a time of endings, make sure that anything on your to-do list gets done and closed out today. This may look like sending emails, submitting projects, running errands or even making phone calls you’ve been meaning to. Full moons are not a time to start new projects or make reactionary decisions so try to let yourself rest if you have nothing on your agenda for the day.

Sing, dance, & play

Sing, dance, & play
Sing, dance, & play

After your mind, body and home space have all been cleared, it’s time to bring joy forward! Putting on your favorite music and dancing it all out is another great way to shake off old, stagnant energy and feel liberated in the here and now. Make this present moment one worth living by allowing yourself to sing, dance and play during a full moon day!

Enjoy the magic

Remember, full moons are beautiful reminders of how cyclical life is. When we align with the natural rhythms of life, we allow ourselves to feel the eternal “oneness”, ground ourselves in the present moment and truly enjoy life’s magic. Happy full moon, celestial babe!

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