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A women enjoying in pool in comfortable, full-coverage one-piece swimsuit
A women enjoying in pool in comfortable, full-coverage one-piece swimsuit

Do you often feel anxious during a day at the pool or beach because you feel uncomfortable in thin or revealing swimsuits? There’s no doubt that spending a day in the water and under the warm summer sun is a delight, so you shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally showing too much skin. Thinking about, let alone dealing with, the embarrassment of your bathing suit slipping out of place while swimming or lounging shouldn’t ruin your day. For complete and uninterrupted relaxation, it may be worth avoiding the possible issue altogether.

The good news is that there are plenty of full coverage swimsuits that cover your body just the way you want, so you can enjoy the water without any worries. With so many to choose from, we handpicked and reviewed the finest full coverage swimsuits of 2022. Enjoy stress-free swimming by reading on for a detailed buying guide to help you quickly choose the ideal option for you.

Top Picks

Best overall: Hilor Full Coverage Swimsuit

A full cover swimsuit for a very good fit
A full cover swimsuit for a very good fit

Have you often struggled to find a bathing suit that fits you well or feels comfortable? If so, you may want to try the Hilor Full Coverage Swimsuit. This is a one-piece swimsuit with complete lining throughout, offering a personalized fit every time. In addition, the bra cups are removable and soft, ensuring that you don't experience any kind of discomfort or tightness while wearing this suit. If you love slimming swimsuits, this one may meet your requirements. The waist features striped bands that are stretchable and sit well with any body type. Also, the attractive cross-over design and the stretchable elastic straps give immense support to your bust, making you look amazing without revealing too much skin.

Key Features:

  • Made with nylon and spandex

  • Available in 45 colors and designs

  • Comes in sizes from four to 18

  • Features wire-free bra cups

  • Hand wash only

Best adjustability: Upopby Full Coverage Swimsuit

Feel comfortable during any water activity in this full coverage swimsuit
Feel comfortable during any water activity in this full coverage swimsuit

The Upopby Full Coverage Swimsuit is the perfect choice for your next trip to the beach or day at the pool. This swimsuit has a unique stitching technology that allows it to dry easily and feel comfortable during any water activity. The fabric is also immensely soft and has a high impact strength and elastic recovery. What’s more, the ruched and retro design of this swimsuit provides a flattering and slimming look for all body types. Finally, the adjustable straps of this swimsuit allow you to adjust the fit and length according to your comfort and coverage preferences.

Key Features:

  • Made with nylon, elastic and elastane

  • Available in 13 colors

  • Comes in sizes from six to 18

  • Has a tummy control design

  • Machine washable

Best 3-piece suit: Yonique Full Coverage Swimsuit

A full coverage swimsuit with boy-short bottoms
A full coverage swimsuit with boy-short bottoms

For maximum versatility and wear options, the Yonique Full Coverage Swimsuit is a perfect choice. It includes boy-short bottoms, a bikini top and a V-neck tank top. This option provides you with adequate coverage and is pretty soft and comfortable as well. This bathing suit has a modest look, so you don’t have to worry about revealing too much while swimming your heart out. The padded bra and adjustable straps offer immense support, and the shorts have a unique tummy control design. So, whether you are out swimming alone or playing beach sports with your family, you can wear this three-piece suit and feel confident and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Made with polyester and spandex

  • Available in 25 colors

  • Comes in sizes from 2XS to 2XL

  • Features three pieces

  • Hand wash only

Best for teenage girls: Holipick Full Coverage Swimsuit

A high-neck mesh design full coverage swimsuit
A high-neck mesh design full coverage swimsuit

Is your teenage daughter or granddaughter looking for a new swimsuit to wear to the pool or beach this summer? This full coverage swimsuit from Holipick is a stylish option that will have her feeling cute and confident. It’s a one-piece swimsuit with a high-neck mesh design that looks appealing and stylish. This swimsuit features a ruched pattern in the front that perfectly flatters all body types, so your teen can lounge and swim her heart out without worrying about her appearance. We also love how this modest swimwear has a soft, stretchy and comfortable fabric. The quality of the material makes it stress-free to wear this full coverage bathing suit at pool parties and trips to the beach.

Key Features:

  • Made with spandex and nylon

  • Available in 27 colors

  • Comes in sizes from 2XS to 24 plus

  • Features tummy control design and mesh neck

  • Hand wash only

Best for sports and exercise: Ocean Blues Full Coverage Swimsuit

A stretchable full coverage swimsuit
A stretchable full coverage swimsuit

At times we often struggle to ace all swimming moves because of the restricted swimsuit on our bodies. A full coverage swimsuit should not only make you look good but feel good, too; it definitely shouldn’t limit you from swimming just the way you want. If you’re looking for the ideal pick for water sports and swimming, get your hands on this full coverage bathing suit by Ocean Blues. It’s designed specifically for sports bathing and has a stretchable yet attractive design that keeps you covered regardless of your movements. The short-cut leg style is slimming and, at the same time, allows your legs to move freely. The unique side panel design is also very flattering and stylish, increasing your confidence in this bathing suit.

Key Features:

  • Made with spandex and polyester

  • Available in 11 colors

  • Comes in sizes from S to 2XL

  • Features a rounded neck

  • Hand wash only

Finding your next full coverage swimsuit: A buyer’s guide

The above recommendations may seem overwhelming if you are buying a full coverage swimsuit for the first time. Should you go for the three-piece option or opt for a polyester swimsuit? If you still aren’t sure, this comprehensive buying guide should help answer your questions and make the right choice for your needs.

Why should you invest in a full coverage swimsuit?

Do you often feel like your swimsuit is shifting and has to be constantly adjusted while you are busy swimming in a pool? Unfortunately, this is a very common scenario and happens to many of us, sometimes causing unexpected embarrassment. Many people don’t prefer swimsuits that reveal too much, whether purposefully or accidentally, and that’s where a full coverage swimsuit comes to the rescue.

This type of bathing suit features adjustable straps and a stretchable design that helps you secure the top and bottom according to your comfort. In addition, most full coverage swimsuits use soft fabric that feels comfortable and slim the parts you like to keep concealed.

Choosing the ideal full coverage bathing suit

Here are some factors to consider before you pick your perfect swimsuit.

1. Fabric

Most full coverage swimsuits are either made of nylon or polyester. In addition, they often have elastic shoulders and bra cups that make it easy for you to adjust their length and position according to your comfort.

Polyester is an excellent fabric as it’s resistant to chlorine and is colorfast, but it can feel itchy at times. On the other hand, nylon is a perfectly soft material for a swimsuit, but you need to wash this fabric with your hands to retain its softness. Both fabrics have their pros and cons, so choose one that meets your requirements.

2. Design and colors

Full coverage swimsuits come in a variety of designs and colors. Some are available as one-piece suits, while others come with three pieces. It depends on how much coverage you want and the number of pieces you’re willing to handle during each wash.

Most full coverage bathing suits have a unique tummy control design with a specific pattern on the front. This design is flattering and slimming, so if you want to look and feel your best then consider a swimsuit with features like this.

3. Ease of washing

Invest in a swimsuit that is easy to wash, especially if you swim for exercise or sports and need to wear a swimsuit regularly. Most full coverage swimsuits demand a hand wash because that helps them retain their design and fabric life for long. Many options can also be cleaned in your washing machine, though, if this better suits your preferences.

People also asked

Q: Is nylon a good fabric for water activities?

A: Yes, nylon is water-resistant, but it isn’t entirely waterproof unless coated with additional materials to increase its resistance. Make sure that the full coverage swimsuit you choose considers this.

Q: What is a full coverage swimsuit?

A: This type of swimsuit has a modest design on top and bottom. It’s usually made with more fabric than other types of swimsuits. Also, it’s far more stretchable to make length adjustments as required.

Q: Are full coverage swimsuits more expensive than cheeky options?

A: No, not all. Full coverage swimsuits are generally very affordable, though a few are more expensive as they use more fabric and feature a unique design.