Front Row with Selena Gomez at Louis Vuitton

Selena Gomez at Louis Vuitton in Paris, Photo: Getty Images

Fashion people are too cool for many things, but gosh, they love Selena Gomez. When the singer and actress arrives at Louis Vuitton’s fashion show, she’s greeted by fans you wouldn’t expect: French editors, Japanese stylists, Sansa Stark.

When you meet her, the basics are what you expect: she’s abnormally pretty, she acts pretty normal, and she’s wearing Louis Vuitton shoes you can’t even buy yet… but as she tells us, what she really wants is a sweatshirt.

Yahoo Style: You’re part of Louis Vuitton’s girl gang. Were you one of those tweens who had an LV purse?
Selena Gomez:
No way! I wasn’t allowed to buy a designer bag when I was a kid. I never even asked. The first thing I owned from Louis Vuitton was a monogram laptop case I bought myself. I was in Budapest shooting a movie called Monte Carlo. I was fifteen, I think? And I loved it. I thought it was so cool. I still do, even though my laptop is a lot smaller now.

You know Monte Carlo is a Netflix staple, right?
I do know that! And whenever I see it come up in my Netflix feed, it’s a total #tbt. Except I look exactly the same. It’s okay; you don’t have to say anything. I know I still look fifteen! Oh well.

You’ll be glad about that when you’re 40.
That’s what they tell me.

So now you’re working with Kate Young, who’s an amazing Hollywood stylist. How has your style changed?
It’s partly that I’ve grown and I like different things, the way we all do. But it’s also that Kate has such an extensive background as a fashion editor that by working with her, I’ve really learned how to spot different pieces and silhouettes. I’ve always loved fashion but working with Kate and also getting to wear things by amazingly talented designers like [Vuitton’s] Nicolas Ghesquiere has really helped train my eye. It’s a great learning experience and a real passion, too.

A big thing with fashion editors now is $600 sweatshirts, like the ones on the Vetements runway. How do you feel about that trend?
I mean, I love a sweatshirt! I love to be comfy. And I think the perfect sweatshirt is like a perfect pair of jeans. It’s hard to find but when you do, it becomes a part of you. So yes to sweatshirts, but whichever ones you love, personally—it doesn’t need to be designer.

We flipped for your all-red airport ensemble yesterday. Anything you want to let us know about it?
I loved it and I thought it was REALLY fun. A good airport trick is being able to take something easy and glam it up. And, you know, be able to sleep in your outfit, if it’s a long flight. [Laughing]

How do you feel about the Hamilton cast covering your song, Good For You?
Oh my gosh, did they really?! I didn’t know that! Will you send me the link? I loved that show. I thought the cast was brilliant, the music was incredible. It was one of the best [pieces of theater] that I’ve ever seen. I bet the cover is insane. That’s a serious honor. Thanks, Hamilton!

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