10 Tips for Keeping Textured Hair Frizz-Free

Have you ever went to the salon, got your hair styled, and walked out feeling über-amazing just to notice hours later that the humidity outside left your new ’do looking like it has been struck by lightening? Yes, it can be horrifying and extra annoying. Yet most of us have experienced a frizzy walk of shame at one point or another in life.

A humid climate can most definitely play a huge role in sending textured hair up, out, and all around. But it is actually not always the primary reason your curls may appear to be fried or your waves seem to be flying high as the sky. The issue can also be caused by lack of moisture being supplied to your hair. When moisture is at an all-time low, frizz reaches an all-time high because the outermost layer of your hair strand is wide open, leaving it susceptible to letting in outside air, which further results in a big, crazy, frizz festival on your head.

While it may be true, “the bigger the hair, the more they stare,” one thing is for certain — nobody is in love with frizz. But not to worry: There is good news. Really good news! You shouldn’t feel defeated as there are more than just a few techniques for fighting frizz on textured hair types. Along with help from celebrity hairstylist Vernon Francois, whose talents have been seen on stars like Lupita Nyong’o, Naomie Harris, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington, here are 10 tips on how to keep frizz from wreaking havoc on your hair.

Tip #1: Hydration is a major key.

Coarser hair is naturally drier because the tightly coiled pattern makes it trickier for natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. Luckily, you are not subject to just throwing the heaviest moisturizer on your head. There a variety of lightweight oils such as Cantu Anti-Frizz Smoothing Oil, Suave Coconut Oil Infusion Treatment Oil, and Nouritress Perfect Hair VitaOil, which are designed to provide just the right of nourishment without being greasy.

Tip #2: Just say no to sulfates and alcohol.

“One of the main reasons textured hair tends to frizz up is because of the shampoos being used. Any products that contain sulfates really strip down any natural ingredients that would be in there to help optimize and manage your texture. I always recommend going for an all-natural product. Avoid sulfates and alcohol,” says Francois. Try holding your hair in place throughout the day with an alcohol-free hairspray like Pantene Air Spray.


Sleeping on silk pillowcases will help textured hair retain moisture. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tip #3: Sleep on silk.

Sleeping overnight with a silk headscarf or pillowcase can keep your strands from looking a flat-out parched mess in the morning, as they would with traditional cotton materials that tend to suck lots of natural moisture out of your hair. Silk fabrics assist in retaining moisture to keep your locks free of frizz.

Tip #4: Cleanse and condition.

Overwashing textured hair types can lead to stripping natural oils, which in turn equals more frizz because the hair is more openly susceptible to breakage and damage without proper levels of moisture. For a gentler approach to keep hair clean, hydrated, and healthy-looking, opt for a co-wash like Madam C.J. Walker BeautyCulture Jamaican Black Castor & Murumura Oils Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash, which is infused with tender loving ingredients such as Jamaican black castor and murumuru oils.


Do yourself and your hair a favor and invest in a micro-fiber towel, which minimizes breakage when drying wet hair. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tip #5: Dry your hair the right way.

“You should make sure to invest in a micro-fiber towel or use a T-shirt to gently pat and squeeze hair dry. Blow-drying is also a big issue. Most people don’t know how to blow-dry their hair correctly, and that can cause a lot of damage to the hair which makes it frizzy.” No time for a professional blowout? Cut down on drying time with Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler.

Tip #6: Keep edges smooth.

There is nothing a dab of Mizani Edge Taming Gel can’t fix when trying to keep your edges from frilling up. You can also “tie your hair up into a beautiful ponytail. That helps to stretch the hair out. Put a headwrap on top of that and let your hair dry before taking it off. It will help really lay the cuticle flat along the hairline,” says Francois.


Trims are a great way to snip away dull, split ends. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tip #7: Get a good trim.

If you’ve got split ends, it is about time you let them go. You don’t have to get a full-on cropped cut, but taking a few inches from the bottom doesn’t hurt and will make your hair appear bouncier, more voluminous, and, best of all, frizzless!

Tip #8: Take a DIY approach.

When it comes to naturally textured hair, you really want to keep everything as natural as possible to allow your hair to breathe and accept outside nutrients that keeps frizz away. “You can easily try applying a beautiful combination of avocado with castor oil and carrot oil. It is really powerful and works,” explains Francois.

Tip #9: Be proactive.

Before stepping foot outside or hitting your next cardio sessions, protect your hair from allowing humidity to get the best of it. While your environment may be uncontrollable, what you allow to affect your strands can be controlled. Try smoothing on Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème loaded with conditioning agents like cupuacu and shea butter.


Please stop touching your hair! (Photo: Stocksy)

Tip #10: Stop touching your hair.

Resist that reoccurring urge to touch or hair flip. It can be more harmful than you think. “Sometimes people touch their hair because of stress or they are just doing it unconsciously, but it is causing damage and making the hair frizz,” says Francois.

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