This ‘Friends’-Themed Cookbook Is Perfect For Any Foodie ‘Friends’ Lover

Jason Pham
·1 min read

Joey doesn’t share food—but he does share recipes. This Friends cookbook is perfect for any foodie Friends lover. Written by chef Amanda Yee, the cookbook, which is titled Friends: The Official Cookbook, includes more than 100 (!!!) recipes for iconic dishes from the NBC sitcom, such as Rachel’s Trifle (you know, the one she accidentally put meat in) and Phoebe’s Grandmother’s Cookies (shout out to Nestlé Toll House.)

Other recipes include Monica’s Friendsgiving Feast (because who doesn’t want to throw a Thanksgiving like Monica?), Chandler’s “Milk You Can Chew” (a.k.a. cheese), Just for Joey Fries (the one he doesn’t share) and Ross’ “The Moist Maker,” also known as his Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich with a gravy-soaked piece of bread in...

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