Friends ride inflatable pool toy to get around flooded roads in Thailand

Emerald Pellot

Nothing spurs creativity like having a problem. When heavy rains caused flooding in eastern Thailand, a few friends decided to go with the flow.

Kampanat Thernsaket and his friend Bank needed a way to get around the deluged roads with knee-deep waters. The pair opted for a giant rubber duck pool float. The friends found yellow the inflatable duck to be a formidable vehicle and even gave other residents rides.

Recorded footage shows the friends having a good time cruising down a city street in the float. They pass restaurants, residential homes, cars and businesses. Thernsaket and Bank let the current guide them on their trip for the most part, and at one point they stopped near a market to give a woman, who didn’t want to get her legs wet, a ride across the street.

“This might be the way we live our new-normal life,” Bank told Newsflare. “Everyone should get themselves a giant floating animal. It is fun and useful at the same time.”

However, the “new normal” is only temporary. Thailand’s monsoon season is from May to September every year. Thunderstorms, heavy rains and flash floods are expected annually. It may not always be ideal, but at least a couple of its residents know how to make the best out of a wet situation.

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