Frenchie's Pitiful Reaction to Mom Going Into a Store Is Making People Say 'Aww'


It’s a total aww-worthy moment: As a dog mom goes quickly into a store, she leaves her French Bulldog outside. He puts his nose completely flat against the window and is pouting the entire time that his mom is gone.

He’s definitely a spoiled little boy. For all he knows, she could be in there for hours! He never knows how long for sure he will be out there alone. But it’s usually not long before she’s back outside again.

This dog is really attached to his mom and looks really sad that he’s been left outside. He deserves to be able to go into the store with his mom! But, she must follow the rules that say dogs can’t enter businesses unless they’re service animals.

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There are plenty of businesses that allow dogs, mostly cafes with dog friendly patios. Maybe this dog mom can make up for leaving her pup with a trip to one of those places. He would have so much fun!

Luckily, this pup is too cute to leave behind. He could never be forgotten even if someone tried! His smooshed face is adorable and the way he’s pouting really takes the cake.

This pooch is definitely attached to his mom, and his mom probably is to him too. That kind of relationship makes you wonder how she could leave the pup outside a building. We couldn’t leave him alone for that amount of time!

This dog is definitely the definition of spoiled. He waits outside with his face pressed against the window as if to be saying, “How did she forget about me!?”

This little dog is surely happy when his mom finally returns! He felt like she was gone forever. But luckily, it was just for a few minutes.

When she was filming this TikTok, he likely got a little confused. Why didn’t she fully leave? She was just standing there in sight of him. The dog is still so cute despite being confused!

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