This French Thickening Shampoo Brand Has Developed a Loyal Fanbase With Hair Loss Sufferers, and It's on Sale Today Only

With orange, lavender and rosemary essential oils, it smells amazing, too.

Maybe you've been turning up the heat on your hair styling products. Or, perhaps you just had a baby and are struggling with that dreaded postpartum hair loss. You may simply not have struck gene-pool gold for hair thickness.

René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo has developed a massive fanbase with a loyalty akin to Swifties' love for Taylor and Beyonce's BeyHive. (See #renefurterer's 27 million TikTok views for proof.)

Seriously. It's that huge. And René Furterer is currently celebrating International Women's Day with a sale that makes giving the shampoo a try. The hairy part: The deal ends today (March 8).

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Shop It: René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo, $68

Here's the deal: Enter FEMME20 on orders over $100 and save $20. The shampoo is typically $68, so stock up with two bottles, and you'll pay $116 instead of $136 on René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo.

The shampoo is formulated with ingredients like Natural Pfaffia extract to strengthen hair and address issues that factor into hair thinning, leaving you with gorgeous, thick hair. It'll also be clean (the main reason you shampoo) — essential oils of orange, lavender and rosemary cleanse the scalp and give it an enviable scent.

The brand conducted a trial, and 88% of participants reported having stronger hair and 81% said their hair was more resilient.

Wary of brand-sponsored research? Reviewers adore René Furterer's strengthening shampoo, too.

"Unbelievable hydration. This stuff has worked a miracle on my hair. It has been dry and thinning out for at least the last three or four years now...I have tried a lot of things, but using this stuff after using the shampoo and conditioner has completely reversed it, it seems. My hair has gotten so much healthier from using this," raved one 5-star fan.

"[It] works fast. This shampoo worked great for my hair. I highly recommend [it]," said another.

"I love how this shampoo gives my hair a little extra volume without feeling full of product. I'm not someone that washes their hair every day, and this shampoo leaves my head feeling clean a few days after washing. I also love the slight citrus smell," another person gushed, calling the product a volume-boosting shampoo.

"Hands down the best-smelling shampoo ever. I'd purchase it for the scent alone. I do a double cleanse on my hair once a week, and this shampoo got my hair clean without feeling totally stripped the way some other products I've used do," wrote someone else.

"Volume increase. Wish granted. My scalp feels like it's glowing," said a fan.

Consider this $20 off deal another granted wish. Remember, enter FEMME20 and get $20 off orders of $100 or more.

Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo, $116 for Two Bottles at René Furterer 

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