The free ingredient Dolly Parton adds to scrambled eggs to make them lighter than air

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Dolly Parton is known for many things: her iconic looks, her mesmerizing voice and her incredibly generous heart.

But did you know she is also known for her scrambled egg recipe?

According to Parton, her secret ingredient is one that makes her scrambled eggs in the morning “perfectly fluffy.” And here’s the kicker: the ingredient is free.

In an interview with Business Insider from 2023, Parton shared a rare look into what her weekends look like with her husband of 57 years, Carl Dean. As the singer revealed, every weekend she cooks them a “delicious Southern breakfast,” which includes her fluffy eggs.

And she shared her fluffy hack with the world.

“Somebody told me this once and it works,” Parton said. “When you crack your eggs in the bowl, say if you’re going to scramble them, use ice water. Put a few drops of ice water as you’re cooking them and that makes them fluffier — it really does!”

And there is no better time to test out Parton’s recipe than as you’re cooking breakfast for your mom this weekend.

But just for safe measure, we tested it out as well. Take a look:

We have to admit, Parton’s secret ingredient worked like a charm. The eggs were light, fluffy and delicious!

And if you’re loving this cooking tip from Parton, she and her sister Rachel have a cookbook coming out in September.

“Well, what’s cookin’, good lookin’? It’s our new cookbook,” Parton shared with her followers. “I wrote this book with my sister, Rachel, who might just be the best cook I know.”

And fans are excited for it. “I love getting new recipes!!! Love you, Dolly.”