How to get free Chipotle every day for a year

Taylor Rock

Chipotle is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week, the fast casual restaurant revealed its recipe for guacamole, and now it’s running a contest for fans to win celebrity status with free food for life. It’s called the #ChipotleSponsorMe challenge.

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YouTube personality David Dobrik took to TikTok to explain how to enter the sweepstakes to win a customized “Celebrity Card” with your name on it, which gets you free Chipotle every single day for a year at restaurants in the U.S. The card will get you an entree of your choice, side and non-alcoholic drink.

Here’s how to enter: Follow @chipotle on TikTok and post an original TikTok video explaining why Chipotle should sponsor you and use #SponsorMeChipotle and #contest in the caption. The contest ends at 1:59 p.m. Pacific Time on May 5.

Five potential winners will be chosen based on creativity, quality, entertainment value and appropriateness, so don’t do anything nasty. And if you've been using your time in quarantine to learn a new skill like dancing, magic or even guitar playing, now's your time to shine. If you win, David Dobrik will comment on your post to let you know.

The only downfall? It doesn't cover delivery fees. Homebodies craving fast food at home can make the most of quarantine cooking with these copycat recipes for Chipotle, Taco Bell and more.