Freaking Out Because Lululemon Just Restocked Its $10 Sold-Out Face Masks

Kelsey Stiegman
·1 min read
Photo credit: Lululemon
Photo credit: Lululemon

From Cosmopolitan

There is only one single item in my wardrobe that has gotten more action than my Align leggings over the past few months and that's my favorite face mask. Now, Lululemon is coming for that category of my wardrobe too. This is the quarantine crossover I've been waiting for!

The adored athleisure brand just restocked their sold-out face masks stamped with that famous logo and constructed with maximum comfort in mind. Instead of dropping several options, they perfected a single unisex design, answering all your face mask prayers in just one try.

The Double Strap Face Mask is a smooth, fitted protective covering made up of a quick-drying, sweat-wicking Ultralu fabric. It's got adjustable straps to keep it in place and comes in a few different colorways.

My favorite feature of all: a structured front seam that lifts the mask away from your face, so you won't suck in the fabric into your mouth when you go for a jog. Unlike their leggings—which are expensive AF, but absolutely worth it—these masks are really affordable, with a pretty little $10 price tag. So, anyway, I'll take five.

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