How freaked out should Dallas Cowboys fans be?

Terez & Charles discuss how the Browns managed to hang 49 points in Jerryworld.

Video Transcript

TEREZ PAYLOR: The Browns went into Dallas and beat the Cowboys 49 to 38. It has been 19 years since Cleveland won three of its first four games. The Dallas Cowboys are 1 and 3 right now.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Dallas came into this season with all the trappings of, hey, looks like it's their best team. Dak's taking the big step up. They got the great trio of wide receivers. Oh, Mike McCarthy went into the bunker and he re-tooled himself and all this different stuff.

And so far, all they have to show for it is a blown onside kick by the Atlanta Falcons save them from being 0 and 4. And now the Philadelphia Eagles at 1-2-1 are the juggernaut of the NFC East. So sad.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Believe it or not, I'm not that worried about Dallas, even though their run defense is-- I told you. And you scoffed when I said, hey, do you just run the ball at them? Yeah, you do. But this division sucks. It just sucks.

CHARLES ROBINSON: To put it mildly.

TEREZ PAYLOR: And because of that, I actually went ahead and I looked at their schedule. The next three games, Charles, Giants, Cardinals, Washington, Philly, Steelers-- that's a tough game-- Vikings, Washington again, Ravens-- that's a tough game-- Bengals, Eagles, and Giants. That's a 9 and 7 record. They're gonna go 9 and 7 and win this division.

I think they're gonna be OK. The schedule gets real soft real soon. But guess what, they won't be OK if they don't fix their problems. And Mike Nolan's defense is a big problem, man.

300 rushing yards in 2020? That's insane. They need to play a lot harder, they need to tackle a lot better, and they need to get after it period.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I think the problem is you've seen what scares me most about this defense is not only are they allowing, what, 36 and 1/2 points a game, but teams have done it in different ways. Their secondary has absolutely been shredded a couple of times, just completely shredded. They've gotten absolutely run over and in a fashion where they did not look remotely physical. You said if the schedule does not turn this around for them pretty quickly, it's gonna get ugly.