Franzia Is Selling Giant Inflatable Boxed Wine Lawn Ornaments

franzia lawn inflatable
Franzia Sells Boxed Wine InflatablesGetty / Franzia

Nothing says "the holidays are here" quite like a gigantic, inflatable box of Cabernet Sauvignon on your lawn. Franzia, the wine brand known for its quirky online shop, has just released a holiday collection that includes sweaters, onesies, socks, and yes, a big inflatable boxed wine lawn ornament.

Sure to impress all your neighbors, the inflatable is approximately 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall, and comes in Cabernet Sauvignon or Sunset Blush options. The inflatables are even topped with a bright red Santa hat for added holiday cheer.

"This holiday season, show the whole neighborhood how much you love Franzia with our inflatable lawn ornaments!" reads a description of the festive product.

According to Katie Hoefs, Franzia Marketing Manager, the boxed wine inflatable and the other holiday products serve as just one of the various ways fans can express their love of Franzia.

“At Franzia, we are always looking to provide new ways for our fans to show off their enthusiasm for the brand. This holiday season, we are taking things to the next level by not only designing a limited-edition holiday Chardonnay box that’s wrapped and ready for gift giving, but also creating a matching holiday ugly sweater with blinking holiday lights. You and your box of Franzia become the star of any holiday party,” said Hoefs, in a statement.

You can purchase your very own Franzia lawn inflatable for $50 through the brand's online shop.

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