Frankie Jonas Got Tana Mongeau's Name Tattooed on His Leg for No Apparent Reason

Mehera Bonner
·1 min read

From Cosmopolitan

  • Hi, Frankie Jonas just got Tana Mongeau's name tattooed on his leg.

  • This does...not appear to be a joke.

Today in news I cannot, nay, will not understand, Frankie Jonas has inexplicably tattooed Tana Mongeau's name on his upper thigh. I'll give you a moment to process.

Kay. The moment went down after some banter between Tana and Frankie, in which she asked to become an honorary Jonas sister.

Frankie then posted a video of himself getting tattooed, and Tana commented "pls get my name now that i'm a jonas."

Which...apparently...he did, saying "I've been so massively successful lately that I wanted to do something that helped me stay grounded and reminded me of the fans. So Tana Mongeau, sorry if I mispronounce your name, this one's for you. I hope it grows your account."

Meanwhile, Tana is out here on Twitter all:

Honestly, Joe and Nick's silence on this is deafening.

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