Fowl Play — Passenger Brings Emotional Support Turkey on Plane

Brittany Jones-Cooper

We wonder if turkeys fight over the armrest? (Photo: biggestlittlepickle/Imgur)

In what sounds like the set up for a bad joke, a turkey and a man walked onto a plane.

Surprisingly, this not a joke.

On Sunday, passengers on a Delta Airlines flight were shocked when a turkey boarded their plane.

Capturing this shocking moment was Reddit user biggestlittlepickle who posted a photo with the caption, “My neighbour is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone’s ‘therapy pet,’ on his flight.”

These days, it’s a common occurrence to see people flying with an emotional support animal. These pets are a therapeutic tool for travelers, and can help to alleviate anxiety or assist those with a disability.

In most cases, support animals are cats or dogs because they are cuddly and protective — just as a support animal should be.

But turkeys aren’t the first animal you would associate with comfort. Still, there it was on the plane, and after the flight, another passenger snapped a photo of it riding a wheelchair through the airport.

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This emotional support animal appears to be a little high maintenance. (Photo: biggestlittlepickle/Imgur)

As if the photo wasn’t hilarious enough, the comments on the photo offer much in the way of comic relief.

“For me that would be the opposite of a therapy pet,” wrote menamena. “Look at it’s beady eyes, you can’t trust it.”

“Did he gobble up the in-flight meal?,” heyguysimtom joked.

User copperbrat clearly follows the “passengers behaving badly” headlines and offered this observation. “Probably still better behaved than 2/3 of the human passengers.”

And finally, boberdober left us with this witty response, “Turkish airlines…”

With the proper documentation, all major U.S. airlines allow people to bring their emotional support animals on the plane if they are required for travel.

In other words, this is totally legal.

So while the turkey was an odd sighting, there was no fowl play.

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