Four Years Later, Kentucky Animal Shelter’s “Longest Resident Ever” Still Seeking Forever Home

“Donatello has watched 1,189 other dogs and puppies walk past him through the kennel on their way to forever homes.”

<p>Maggie Epling Photography</p>

Maggie Epling Photography

After four long years spent biding his time at a Kentucky animal shelter, an “endlessly patient” pup is still waiting to find his forever home.

The 5-year-old pit bull mix named Donatello arrived as a stray at Woodford Humane Society in Versailles in May 2019. This 62-pound lovebug has been looking for a family ever since.

<p>Maggie Epling Photography</p>

Maggie Epling Photography

“He has been homeless for four years. FOUR YEARS,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Donatello has watched 1,189 other dogs and puppies walk past him through the kennel on their way to forever homes. And he is now officially our longest resident ever…”

That title was previously held by a dog named Mercedes, who spent three years, 11 months, and six days at Woodford Humane Society before she was adopted in 2012.

Unfortunately for Donatello, he checks many of the boxes that cause pets to be overlooked by adopters: he's a large, black dog; he's older; and he's a pit bull. He also needs to be in a home where he’s the only pet, because, as the shelter explains, “he is a king, he knows it, and he will accept no pretenders to the throne.”

Certainly not the biggest ask!

The Facebook post urges potential adopters to see past the stereotypes of his breed and appreciate all the things that make him shine… of which there are plenty.

In addition to being  “perfectly house and crate trained,” Donatello loves kids and can easily transition from short bursts of “wrecking-ball zoomies” to hours of couch potato time. This handsome guy is also a “belly-rub connoisseur” who, despite his size, fancies himself a lap dog.

All Donatello asks is “that you see past stereotypes of his breed; that you let him catch your eye, even though he’s a big black dog; that you give an adult dog a chance to win your heart before a puppy does,” Woodford Humane Society writes.

“Donatello is happy here, and he is endlessly patient,” the post concludes. “He has a home with us for as long as it takes. But after four years (FOUR YEARS) of watching other dogs go home...can it finally be Donatello's turn?”

As of publication, Donatello is still available. Those who think they can give him the home he deserves are asked to make an adoption appointment by calling (859) 873-5491.

We're rooting for you, Donatello!

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