Found Out Clayton Echard Is the Bachelor, Immediately Did a Deep Dive

Big news from the unhinged world of Bachelor Nation: Clayton Echard is our new Bachelor. Obviously, Clayton is brand new here due to the fact that he has literally never appeared on a Bachelor franchise TV show. Yet! This dude is a contestant on Michelle Young's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and has already started filming his Bachelor season despite Michelle's season being weeks out from airing.

So...why Clayton? According to a Page Six source, “The caliber of men who came on to Michelle’s season was incredible. Each guy was hotter than the next and so many of them treated her like a queen. There was so much excitement about a lot of them. Clayton was no exception.” Apparently, Clayton in particular "impressed everyone on set and is definitely a big upgrade from any of Katie’s guys." [Edit note: lol.]

Casting an entirely unknown Bachelor ahead of the Bachelorette airing is a definite first for ABC (though to be fair, they haven't technically formally announced Clayton yet), but it kinda makes sense. Producers will be in complete control of Clayton's Bachelorette edit to make sure a Greg Grippo Situation™ doesn't happen (reminder: Greg was well-liked until he was accused of gaslighting Katie Thurston during their breakup), and presumably they will do their best to ensure that he becomes a fan favorite. Which shouldn't be too hard—Clayton seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy based on what we know about him thus far! Because yes, we've already done an exhaustive deep-dive based on available information/tea, so let's get into it:

Clayton Is an Orthopedic Sales Rep

Wow, sexy! Nothing says "can't wait for overnight dates" like orthopedic sales, you know?

Anyway, it seems like Clayton loves his job, looks good in scrubs, etc., and hopefully we'll learn more about his work on The Bachelor.

He's Also a "Former Freestyle Rapper"

At least according to his Insta bio. Like, do I have a horrible sinking feeling that this inevitably means we're going to be forced to watch Clayton freestyle about roses, love, and being there for "the right reasons" multiple times in the next year? Yes. But let's remain optimistic.

Clayton Is from Eureka, Missouri

Here he is chilling with his mom in his home state, where much of The Bachelor is expected to be filmed:

He's Super Into Working Out

Truly, about half Clayton's Instagram pics are devoted to lifting, so clearly this is a big passion of his. Like, the caption of this post is longer than the last book I read.

He's a Former Football Player

Freestyle, orthopedics, and football? The holy trifecta.

According to Variety, Clayton played college football at Mizzou, and was signed to the Seattle Seahawks back in 2016. Nowadays he jokingly describes himself as a “washed-up athlete" in his Insta bio, so obviously the whole football thing didn't work out—but it's still a major accomplishment in his journey!

We Need to Discuss His Brother

Say it with me: cannot wait for Hometowns:

And Actually, Clayton's Super Close to His Entire Family

Looks like he has three brothers, and all of them are pretty tight with their mom and dad. Depending on if Clayton makes it to Michelle's final four, we could meet them during her Bachelorette Hometowns. Otherwise, they'll almost definitely be making an appearance during his season of The Bachelor.

That's all we know about Clayton so far, but we'll be adding to this post as the internet brushes off more information. Especially when it comes to his previous relationships, and how far he makes it on Michelle's season!

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