We Found the Best Jeans for Big Butts That Eliminate the Dreaded Waist Gap

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We like big butts and we cannot lie…but finding jeans that fit them correctly is often a challenge. It feels like denim either perfectly grazes our waist or gently hugs our bum, but never both at the same time. And while we’ve definitely taken pairs to the tailor to be altered or attempted to shrink our jeans in the wash, that shouldn’t be the only solution for the curvy booties among us. So, to find the best jeans for big butts, we combed through endless reviews, read up on technology backed fabrications and curve-friendly silhouettes, and spoke to the women who know this topic best (i.e., real shoppers who’ve been combing the market for years). In the end, we found eight brands that will fit you and your booty like a glove and we compiled a list of additional tips that will help you find the pair of your dreams. So, without further ado, here are our top picks:

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General Fit Tips:

1. Look for jeans with stretch.

Stretch is a curvy gal’s best friend, but there are some limits to what it can do for you. Too much stretch and you’ll risk looking like you’re sporting leggings. Or, worse, your jeans will permanently sag and slouch after just a few wears. Denim that incorporates between two and five percent elastane, Lycra or spandex should give your bum enough wiggle room without being overly stretchy. (BTW, lots of brands have developed their own innovative curve-hugging formulas, so check out the in-depth fabric descriptions to get a better idea of fit before you buy.)

2. Curve collections were made for you.

The makers behind numerous “curve” denim brands understand that women with big butts, wide hips and thick thighs can’t just “size up” and expect their jeans will still fit well all over. Which is why their designs feature special details like contoured waistbands, extra room in the trunk and just the right ratio of stretch to accommodate a wide variety of bodies. And while some brands use the term to denote plus-size options, many use it simply to refer to bodies with curves, whether they are a size 2 or a size 22.

3. High-waist styles fit better than mid or low rises (most of the time).

We suggest you take this “rule” as more of a suggestion. Most of the women we talked to (and most of the reviews we read) said that high rises are more likely to fit both your butt and your waist, while lower rises tended to produce waist gaps, especially for those with more dramatic hourglass figures. That said, you can definitely find lower rises that fit well, it just takes a bit more trial and error.

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Brands to Know:

1. Everlane

When we talk about curve-hugging jeans, we have to mention Everlane. The brand's curvy line specifically aims to solve that annoying waist gap problem, and not to mention it does so without falling short of being incredibly stylish. All three styles, including the '90s Cheeky Jean, Cheeky Straight Jean and Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean, are available in sizes 23 to 35 in ankle and regular lengths. So not only are you bound to find one that fits you in all the right places, but you'll also find one that matches your style. And did we mention how good these jeans feel? They're made of soft and breathable denim that accentuates your hourglass shape.


2. Universal Thread

It’s not easy to find affordable denim that’s sustainably made, but the Target brand Universal Thread is one exception. These jeans are woven from recycled polyester and sustainably sourced cotton to create stretchy, supportive and, most importantly, comfortable, pants you can feel good about wearing. As for fit, Universal Thread has billed itself as a brand that makes jeans for every body, and as such, is roomier in the back than almost any premium brand—it also offers a more contoured plus-specific fit for sizes over 18. Some shoppers recommend going a size down to better fit your waist (especially as these tend to stretch over time), but most found Universal Thread ran true to size, even for those with big booties. Pro tip: One reviewer suggested sticking with only the heavier-weight denim styles, as they seem to last longer and don’t stretch or sag as easily as thinner fabrics. This may require a trip to your local Target to determine, but it will be well worth the trek.

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3. Good American

When she first launched Good American in 2016, Khloé Kardashian was subject to the typical skepticism of a celebrity launching their own fashion line. The general public wondered, what does she know about designing jeans? Well, as it turns out, she and co-founder Emma Grede know a whole lot about creating denim that looks trendy and actually fits a wide variety of body types. As a member of the big booty community herself, Kardashian has designed a number of styles that specifically address the issues that confound those with big butts (i.e., gaping waistbands, pulling at the back and hips, etc.). The brand’s website has a brief explainer on each of the different cuts, but the Good Curve and Good Waist collections are likely your best bets.

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4. Levi’s

Not every style made by this classic denim purveyor will work for those with big butts, and you may need to try on a few different pairs to see what works best for you. However, we recommend starting with the 711, 721 and 314. The 711 and 314 both feature a mid-rise that is tapered to nip in a bit at the waist, while the 721 features a higher cut designed to offer a similar effect. All three have higher percentages of elastane in the denim (a major plus for curvy frames), especially around the waistband, which also helps to eliminate gaping.

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5. Old Navy

Multiple women recommended Old Navy jeans, both for their curve-friendly fit and their affordable price point (which means stocking up on a few pairs of a style you love isn’t totally impossible). The plus-size collection in particular, which has been altered to nip in more at the waist and features slimming panels along the front and sides, is great for accommodating both a big butt and larger thighs or hips. One tip: Seek out the high-waist styles here, as the mid- and low-rise have more of a straight fit and might not provide a flattering fit. Oh, and as an added bonus, most of these jeans are offered in petite and tall lengths.

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6. Guess

Jennifer Lopez, who has a pretty notable booty herself, is a big fan of Guess denim. In particular, the Sexy Curve collection, which is designed with extra room through the hip, thigh and rear. That said, the 1981 and Mom jeans may also work. Both are high-waisted and tout gap-proof waistbands, but the 1981 skinny has the added bonus of incorporating extra elastane, for a truly figure-hugging fit. And while the Mom jeans from this brand are built with less stretch, they do have looser fit overall, giving you more room in the back and hips.

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7. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle is one of our absolute favorite denim brands for just about all body types. There are so many silhouettes to choose from, and almost every one of them comes in size 000 through 24 with five different lengths (x-short, short, regular, long and x-long). The Curve collection is specifically made for those who want or need more room in the seat, hip and thigh and all are cut with a high waist that will accentuate your frame. Of course, there are other silhouettes that will work for larger bums and more than one woman we spoke to mentioned the high-rise mom jeans and any pair made with the 360 Ne(X)T Level stretch denim. Plus, the AE site is super informational; every product page has a set of graphics that outlines seven key features (stretch, rise, support, bounce back, waistband and whether they’re curve- or environmentally-friendly) so you’ll never be left guessing.

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This U.K.-based e-retailer has sooooo much to offer that we often forget it has such a fabulous denim selection. But one woman we spoke to says she pretty much only wears ASOS-brand jeans, specifically the dad and mom jean cuts. “They actually fit my butt and my waist, even in the lower rise styles,” Emily M. says. “I will admit, the skinny jeans are sometimes hit or miss, but if you want a looser fit definitely try ASOS.” She suggested keeping an eye out for product names that include keywords like ‘hourglass’ or ‘contour’ to discover denim that’s roomiest in the rear. ASOS also has the added benefit of offering petite, tall and plus sizes.


9. Beija Flor

This fit-focused label was founded by a mother-daughter duo after they spent years searching for jeans that worked for their hips, thighs and bottoms. Although they mainly stick to the classics (think skinnies, bootcut, straight leg), Beija Flor really emphasizes the fact that different bodies require different fixes and innovative fabrications, in addition to a range of construction tricks that work for a wider range of fit issues. For instance, the Nicole skinnies (pictured above) have a higher rise in back to accommodate a larger bum and feature extra smoothing and stretch materials at the hips to accentuate your natural curves.

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