Foster Pit Bull's Reaction to His New Home Couldn't Be More Perfect

It's safe to say he settled right in.

Watching a shelter dog settle into their new environment can be so rewarding, but when they know they're truly safe--everything changes. Their true personality starts to show in everything they do, from napping on the couch to playing in the yard. Dog @fredtherescuepit knows exactly what we're talking about, especially since his most recent foster brother has warmed up to him rather quickly.

Clark had only been a part of the family for 8 hours by the time this video was taken, but it looks like they've all been together for years. How could the precious, brindle pup not find a fur-ever home?

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Fred and Clark are just too cute! They seem practically inseparable already, even when they're just cuddling up for a nap. By the looks of these two, it won't be the last nap they spend together, either. Just look at how they're snuggled up!

"The best feeling as a foster is when you see them just relax and know they're safe," shared commenter @miss.quinn237. That's pure magic, right there. We may not know exactly why Clark relaxed so quickly, but we can definitely tell that Fred had something to do with it. His calm energy is contagious!

@Ehulani said, "annnnd now you need to keep him." Fred would love that so much! As popular as it would be with the boys, though, Fred and his momma need to keep fostering so they can help as many animals as possible. They're true heroes!

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