Foster Dog Mom Shares Heartbreaking Reminder About the Reality of Puppy Mills

Ethical and responsible dog breeders care deeply about the health and welfare of their dogs throughout their lives. They do not engage in practices like mass breeding, puppy mills, or abandoning dogs if they cannot be sold, like what happened to the precious Corgis in the following video posted on September 2.

Watch what happened when this foster dog mom was expecting the shelter to drop off two Corgis. Instead of six!

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The video, posted by TikTok user @Victoriadevall explains she was only expecting two Corgis, but the shelter dropped off six purebred Corgis and a black Labrador Retriever. The video states, "All of these Corgi puppies were dumped at a high-kill shelter in Texas after their breeder didn't sell them. This is a very common practice by breeders and puppy mills. If they can't make a profit, they dump them to die."

So how can you find your very own purebred dream dog at your local shelter?


Sure, you could visit or contact a local breed specific rescue, which is another great way to find your dream dog, or you could volunteer at your local shelter and see if the dog you have always wanted ends up at that shelter.

Some shelters are okay with you contacting them to have your named added to a list in case a Corgi or German Shepherd or Shih Tzu ends up at their shelter, but let's face it, shelters are amazingly busy, they are low on volunteers, and it's a much smarter idea to offer to help out and if you work hard and are patient you may be able to be first in line to adopt the dog you have always wanted in case one is surrendered.

Finding a purebred dog at a shelter is actually very common, and 25 to 30% of all shelter dogs are purebreds. What better way to find a dog then helping out dogs in need in the meantime?

As for the adorable Corgis in the above video, the video creator explains that they are all now with other foster families.

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