Who is Fossil Daddy? Meet TikTok’s favorite paleontologist

If you’re looking for yet another thirst trap to fall into on TikTok, we’ve got a new one for you: It’s an account known as “Fossil Daddy” (@fossildaddy) and run by a queer — and very attractive — paleontologist who likes to talk fossils.

As you might have guessed, you don’t have to be super into dinosaurs or have an affinity for the Jurassic period to find this account worthy of a follow. But if you do, then hey, call it a double win!

In some of his videos, he shares his recent discoveries. (And yes, he tends to be fully dressed on most of these outdoor quests.)

In others, he aims to be educational and teach his ever-growing fanbase a few things about the ancient world.

And then there are the posts that are honestly just nice to look at.

Speaking with HuffPost recently, Daddy (as he prefers to be called to protect his anonymity) said he’s aware that not everyone comes to his page for the dinosaur stuff.

“I get this comment pretty frequently, [though] not verbatim: ‘The thirst traps brought me in, but the education kept me here,'” the TikToker shared.

Scroll through the comments on his posts, and you’ll quickly see that he has quite a hold over people.

He’s been called everything from a “Zaddy” to “a cuter Indiana Jones.”

“Boutta make this man my husband,” one commenter wrote.

“How are you so handsome?” another person asked.

Unfortunately, Fossil Daddy has also faced a fair amount of trolling — not just from anti-LGBTQ TikTokers but also from creationists.

“sorry to tell you this but there were never any dinosaurs hey,” one commenter declared.

“If you’re just going to keep spewing nonsense, don’t bother saying anything,” someone else said.

Others have simply messaged him Bible verses in an effort to disprove evolution.

Despite the hate, Fossil Daddy keeps doing what he’s doing. And luckily, he has more devoted followers than he does haters — who are now fascinated by a science that few people really know about.

“I think people forget that they love to learn,” he told HuffPost. “They go onto these platforms for an entirely different motive, but then they end up staying because they’re getting a surprise at the end of it. Nobody goes to Instagram expecting to learn about fossils.”

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