Formerly Homeless Cat Still Has a Little Street Behavior in Him in Funny Video


There sure is a difference between a stray cat and a domesticated cat. Cats that are straying and living on the streets become street-smart and are always ready to fight for their lives and defend themselves. And as we know, sometimes old habits die hard.

TikToker Brianna_Natalia agrees, as she shared a video of a formerly homeless cat named Thuggie, whom she adopted, with her other cat in this funny video posted on November 2.

The look on his face is just priceless.

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As if he were saying, "Don't worry, Mom, we are just playing. Minkah is fine."

Thuggie, whose name, by the way, is totally fitting, has poor Minkah in a chokehold, literally. As one TikToker posted, "He’s legit like 'what’s up?!' Head nod and everything!"

You can take the cat out of the streets, but you clearly can't take the street behavior from the feral or stray cat.

Others in the TikTok community also couldn't stop laughing.

One person commented, "That cat is watching too much UFC."

While another one said, "He’s a thuggie for life!"

Indeed, he is.

Thuggie sure lives up to his name!

However, even if the behavior might seem harmless or playful, it's important to understand that any form of physical dominance or restraint between cats can lead to potential stress or discomfort, and in some cases, it could escalate to more serious issues. That's why it's always crucial to supervise your cats, especially when a new cat has recently been introduced.

That being said, I think Brianna got this situation and Thuggie under control since the two cats are being supervised.

As we know, cats will be cats, and by that, I mean they will usually get into mischievous behavior.

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