Formerly Conjoined Twins “Thriving” As They Celebrate Their First Birthday

“You can look at them and you would never think they were conjoined 8 months ago.”

<p>Brandee Best Photography</p>

Brandee Best Photography

Formerly conjoined twins Ella and Eliza Fuller celebrated their first birthday earlier this month— and the “miracle babies” are “thriving" as the enter toddlerhood.

In a moving social media tribute, mom Sandy reflected on the day she and her husband, Jesse, met their “hugging twins.”

“Today and everyday we celebrate these miracle babies,” Sandy wrote alongside a series of photos of the identical twins from the past year. “So many praying warriors praying with us from all around that our girls would make it safe and sound. My heart is filled with so much gratitude, especially today. Ella & Eliza, you girls have no idea what an impact you each have been in so many lives thus far!”

Ella and Eliza, who were born connected at the abdomen, were delivered via Cesarean section on March 1, 2023  at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women in Houston. Estimated to weigh 5 pounds, 10 ounces each, the babies spent the first four months of their lives in the NICU.

A team of 17 clinicians at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston successfully completed the complex, six-hour procedure to separate the sisters on June 14, 2023. Four weeks later, Ella and Eliza went home for the first time in their lives.

"They are so incredibly strong and as healthy as can be," Sandy recently told People, noting that the girls are “thriving” less than a year later.

“You can look at them and you would never think they were conjoined 8 months ago,” she added. “We are so blessed to be able to share God’s miracles in our girls with the world.”

Happy birthday, girls!

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