Formerly Abused Pit Bull's Fear of Garden Tools Is Breaking People's Hearts

When people choose to adopt formerly abused dogs, they embark on a profound journey of compassion and resilience. They understand that these precious canines have endured hardships and carry deep emotional scars. These dogs can be fearful and timid, afraid of everything from loud noises to everyday objects.

The amazing owners who welcomed a Pit bull named Josie into their homes understand this and have gone out of their way to show this poor dog a little extra care and compassion. What the following video posted by @Josiethestaffy to see what we mean.

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These sweet owners recognize that trust must be built, fears must be overcome, and wounds, both physical and emotional, must be healed. The fact that they so patiently explain what common household items that were once used as instruments of torture on this poor baby break our hearts. TikTok users agree and @Kellie says, "The "it’s not for hitting Josie" got me." Us too. @Techy replies, "My pup runs to a corner when I touch the broom. No matter how many times I talk to him. It breaks my heart." @Meow adds, "Me immediately crying over seeing a man be so kind and gentle. You’ve got a good one, there." @Dazie says, "How can this both warm and break my heart at the same time? You are safe baby girl."

The journey of providing a sense of safety and love for formerly abused dogs is not without its challenges, but it is a journey that is filled with immeasurable love and the indescribable joy of seeing these resilient pups find happiness once again. It's so heartbreaking knowing your beloved fur baby was once hurt by another human, but watching them learn to trust again is indescribably wonderful. Every abused dog deserves to have owners like Josie does. These people are angels on earth.

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