Former Stanford student uses ‘dystopian’ model to categorize friends

A former Stanford student is receiving online backlash after sharing the way she organizes her friends.

Whitney (@alwayswhitchu) showed how she used customer relationship management (CRM) technology to separate and organize her friends and acquaintances, and she called it a “networking hack.” CRM is normally used by businesses to categorize their customers and filter through enormous amounts of data between them.

In the caption to the video, Whitney wrote, “Your network is your net worth, keep in touch!!”

With her system, she has four categories of people, from “ride or die” friends to “acquaintances.” She also categorizes people by where she knows them from, the city they live in, the company they work for and their areas of expertise.

“Put what expert advice they know so you can reach out to them when you have any questions,” she said in her video. “Do this for every friend that you know.”

Although she was fully on board with organizing your friend group, there were some people who thought this strategy was a bit off.

“Can’t wait to see this in a corecore vid on how dystopian our social interaction has become,” said @rhapka.

“Repeat after me: transactional people are not friends…” replied @dan_tamayo.

Her way of categorizing her friends clearly struck a nerve with certain people, but there were also those who appreciated this strategy.

“My programmer and ASD brain needed this!!!,” said @cholaboo. “I’ve always thought something like this would be great and now I’m encouraged to make one.”

“As a millennial Salesforce developer. You could be on to something,” said @winstondavis3.

Whether organizing and color-coding your friend list is interesting or you feel it’s disingenuous to use business tactics in your personal life, this new strategy of arranging friends can provide a clean and visual way to see your life.

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