A former Panera Bread employee shared the 5 items you should 'never' order

A former Panera Bread worker is going viral after sharing the menu items he claims customers should “never” order. The ex-employee, who goes by the name Mo on social media, revealed his list on TikTok. First on Mo’s list: the chain’s famous mac and cheese, which his co-worker calls “soggy”. Another former employee claims she was fired last year after revealing the dish allegedly involves a lot of microwave heating. Then, the TikToker warns against Panera’s soups. “We leave them out for hours … hours,” he claims. Next, Mo’s co-coworker calls out the chain’s steak and white cheddar sandwich because the horseradish sauce is too spicy. Mo’s next warning is against any sandwich that has thicker meat — he claims that the “meat can stay out for hours”. Finally, he says, “don’t order anything that has bread with it” before bursting into laughter. It’s unclear how Panera responded to the video, but Mo did clarify in the clip’s comments that he no longer works for the chain