Former Louisville Shelter Dog To Be Honored with a Giant Banner

I can still remember the first time I saw Ethan, scrolling through Instagram, stopping at the post to read about the Cane Corso/Mastiff and hodgepodge of six breeds dog that was abandoned on the steps of the Kentucky Humane Society. Ethan was near death. He weighed 38 pounds. He was the thinnest dog the Humane Society had ever seen. They weren't sure he would even live through the night. I couldn't stop crying.

A lot of people followed Ethan's story, found joy in every veterinarian update, watched as he went from near-death to absolutely thriving, and cheered on this beautiful, resilient dog and his new owner, Jeff Callway. Now Ethan will be honored with a 60x 20 foot banner for Louisville's Hometown Heroes. For those unfamiliar with Ethan's journey, here's how he used to look.

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Louisville's Hometown Heroes are banners that hang in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, honoring famous residents like boxing legend, humanitarian and GOAT Muhammed Ali and Colonel Harlan Sanders, who, you know, made some Kentucky fried chicken.

Ethan’s owner, Jeff Callway, said, "I am humbled and honored for Ethan to be recognized in such a wonderful way in his community. Ethan’s life has brought pride and kindness to Kentuckiana and I’m so very thankful to everyone that continues to support Ethan and his message of spreading love and kindness."

@Becky comments, "Ethan is a miracle & let his banner remind us daily that all things are possible with faith & action." @Hazel adds, "Ethan is for sure my hero. Been following him from the beginning. Such an inspiration. Love you boy."

In 2002, Ethan won the American Humane Hero Dog Award for 'Hero Dog.'

Ethan is a miracle and an inspiration. He was left to die and today he reminds everyone of the power of love and the importance of caring for and rescuing animals. I hope seeing this banner reminds everyone to do their part in supporting and adopting shelter pets.

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