Former Google employee reveals the biggest perks at the company’s 'amazing' campus: ‘Like a playground for adults’

A TikTok user is revealing the biggest Google office perks for employees commuting into the company’s main campuses.

The video, which left TikTok users both astounded and jealous, comes from a user named Ken Waks (@ken). In his clip, he revealed some of the wildest benefits he got while working at Google — from custom-made breakfasts to on-campus bowling alleys to playing with dogs during the workday.

“Working at Google was the best job ever,” Waks captioned his post.

Based on his videos, it seems as though Waks was based primarily out of the Googleplex, which is Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

The campus has long been a source of fascination for non-Google employees. There are countless articles and videos — and even a 2013 movie, The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn — centered around its jaw-dropping features.

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Waks’ viral TikTok added even more fuel to the fascination. His video shows Google employees dressing up in costumes, hitting the gym during the workday and enjoying lavish, customizable meals for free.

TikTokers were completely transfixed. Many left comments reacting to what seems like a pretty unique work environment.

“Why did you leave?” one user asked.

“Omg, I went to the office for the first time today, still amazing,” another added.

“I visited my friend at Google, and it was like a playground for adults,” another added.

Of course, this is just one person’s experience. As some users pointed out in the comments, many Google employees have intense or demanding jobs that might keep them from enjoying the perks.

“I was about to say, as a software engineer, my experience was way different,” one commenter wrote.

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