Former Democratic presidential candidates gather for DNC reunion

Former Democratic presidential candidates got together virtually on Thursday during the Democratic National Convention to speak about their experiences with Joe Biden and endorse him for president.

Video Transcript

CORY BOOKER: Hi, I'm Cory Booker. Welcome to everybody at home. I am very excited to present to you a group of people that ran in the 2020 Democratic Primary against Joe Biden.

You could think of this sort of like "Survivor," the out interviews of all the people that got voted off the island.


Bernie-- Bernie, don't you laugh because I've got a question for you like, why does my girlfriend like you more than she likes me? But let's move on.

BERNIE SANDERS: Because she's smarter then you, and that's the obvious answer, right?


CORY BOOKER: Hey, I'm curious because, Senator Sanders and Senator Klobuchar, you actually served with Joe Biden in the Senate. I'm wondering if you have any memories of what he was like as a colleague in the Senate.

AMY KLOBUCHAR: Well, I remember one night when I was giving one of those floor speeches. And, Cory, you know what this is like. No one was there. No one was watching. I was all alone, and I gave my speech with much vigor to a completely empty chamber. And I walked out of there, and I thought, I wonder if my mom was even watching this on C-SPAN?

And at that moment the cell phone rings, and I actually thought maybe my mom was watching it on C-SPAN. And you know who it was? It was Joe Biden. And that kind of goes to not only his kindness for calling me and being a mentor but it also goes to how much he cares about our government and what people are saying and that even when he's at home at night, he's watching and he cares.

BERNIE SANDERS: But, Amy, we all want to know, did your mother watch the speech?


PETE BUTTIGIEG: You remember the steak fry when we were waiting to go on? It worked out to where I was there the same time he was, and he pulled me aside at one point, and he pointed to somebody who we both knew who was working on my campaign but he'd known from before and let me know that that was somebody who'd gone through a family tragedy that Joe somehow knew about. And just thought it was important for me to know that about someone who was working with me. And over time I realized that that was just basic to who he is, but that always stuck with me.

CORY BOOKER: Elizabeth, do you have any remembrances as well?

ELIZABETH WARREN: I think the day I saw Joe the clearest was on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. And everyone, of course, was enormously honored to have the vice president here. But at some point in that speech, he shifted to the parent who had lost a child, to the man who had lost a wife, to someone who had experienced loss very personally, and he spoke to each of the families from the heart.